The Best Friend Break-Up


There is always a new article about the romantic break ups, the why, the what and the when which is tragic in its own right but rarely do you read about the ‘Best Friend Break Up!’

Dealing with a BFBU is pretty hard to deal with. This person would probably have been in your life for a while if they made ‘bezzie’ status so breaking up is always going to be tough. Friendships feel like they are forever whereas a lot of the time, a relationship doesn’t feel that way. The BFBU can be really hard to recover from.

Some of my best friends are girls I have been friends with for years and years. Personally, I find it very hard to make friends with new girls as girls can be bitchy, so when you do meet someone who you then think the world of, you want them to be a big part of your life, your family and your friends.

Having a best friend means you are supported constantly. You do not judge each other when you make a mistake, but give honest opinions when needed. You can sit in silence in the same room knowing the company is there and completely enjoy it, but also have the best time together out at a bar. When you are dating someone, your best friend is basically dating them too as they are the one who helps you write out your text messages, hangs out with them lots and knows all their secrets too. People around you do not understand you both as you have so many inside jokes, but that’s ok because it makes you both laugh uncontrollably. You always know how to make the other one smile in tough times.

I went through a ‘BFBU’ not so long ago. It was so hard because we had become inseparable. I knew her family, she knew mine. I knew her secrets, she knew mine. I knew her friends, she became friends with mine. We made each other laugh, we supported each other when we cried and we would have the most fun hanging out together.

But as time passes, people change, as did our relationship. She fell in love and grew out of love with our friendship and friends. For a long time I was so sad. Something funny would happen and I would want to message her and then realized I cannot do that anymore. I always say, “all good things come to an end!”

In reality, my heart hurt a little bit, but ending the old relationship meant I had paved the way for new, more fulfilling ones.

If you go through the BFBU, try and handle it in the best way possible. Though you will be sad and maybe pretty pissed off, keep grounded and respectful. There may be a lot of bitchy comments you can make but instead, wish the person well and do your thing.

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