The Caliphate’s new terror tactic-“no prisoners”.

The Calpihate/ISIS are not terrorists , but an army of Jihadists who include terror as a weapon. The image of a terrorist in the average person’s mind is that of a violent bomb-thrower, or a small group of them, outcasts who labor and kill for temporary and usually esoteric causes. The terrorists of the past, Symbionese Liberation Army (remember Patty Hearst?), the Provisional Wing of the Irish Republican Army (lay-offs after the Ulster pace agreements bored them to tears so they hired out to keep everything going) and the Japanese Red Army are gone and forgotten. These fit the usual description of “terrorists”. The Caliphate is quite different.

In Sunni and Shiite ideology the 12th Imam will be reborn to complete the submission of the non-Muslim world into a totally Islamic society. This in effect is an apocolypse, and an endtimes prophecy fulfillment. The Caliphate and Iran both have laid claim to the mission of bringing the world to the feet of the 12th Imam, The Mahdi. Western governments have no concept of how to deal with this mindset. They have separated the world into secular and spiritual and lack the ability to deal with a mind that doesn’t.

This lack of a view into a world the Western nations have long regarded as primitive or extremist has set the stage for many surprises. The Midle Eastern long-view and sense of dedication to what most nations today consider “fanaticism” ignores a society where the singleminded nature of Islam holds sway. The ideology is old but it uses modern technology to promote it. Terror is a weapon, not a 9 to 5 job description.

The power vacuum left by the present “lead from behind”, temper tantrum-adolescent administration in Washington, DC has opened up the gate in the Middle East to a host of rivals for becoming the dominant world power. The current plan to possibly step up military action by Spring by the United States will be far too late to prevent Iran from probably having several nuclear weapons ready. Iran has no intention of declaring a nuclear war on anyone. Instead, using a nuclear weapon to light the fuse on a wider war, nuclear exchange or world shattering event pitting Near East rivels against each other is their goal in order to clear the field for the Mahdi’s return.

One of the rivals for the empty chair at the head of the table is Russia. Vladimir Putin has resources at hand that the USSR he served capably as KGB Chief never had. For one, Russia is rebuilding its former empire selectively. Not having 18 separate and mutually quarelsome “republics” tokeep in line unleashes a lot of financial energy. Ukraine was the largest of the former “Republics” and is first on Putin’s list. Russia also has Europe in a death grip for energy. As OPEC retightens its hold on oil markets, Europe is hostage to Russian energy. Russia has an arms industry that produces and markets first class, state of the art equipment. Russia now has the world’s largest stockpile of warhheads and is testing new ICBM’s. Meanwhile the United States cuts its weapons stock and downsizes its military; Russia builds its stockpiles and develops new weapons. Russia has a serious interest in Hassad’s Syria. To add to the complex geopolitical mix, China’s plan to occupy and dominate the Pacific is on schedule.

Iran continues to work its way and increase its influence into Hezbollah and other groups. Its declared goal to destroy the United States and Israel continues while an immature Administration begs on its knees for a paper to show how “peace in our time” was guaranteed. We’ve been there before, history majors :1938 anyone?

One of the most challenging characteristics of The Caliphate’s Jihad has been its use of internet technology to recruit new adherents in a global environment. These take the form of Jihad clusters or sole operators. A form of cultic attraction is used where a socially isolated, anger-prone and vulnerable individual is drawn by the lure of being a part of something larger than themselves that offers them status, moral support and self respect that their past or current lifestyle has denied them. These are the beheaders, the shooters and the girls who see a form of sexual attraction in Jihad. The videos of beheadings show a brutal violence that attracts persons who seek an outlet for inner frustration and Islam offers justification for their self realization. The horrific execution of the Jordanian Air Force pilot is a step up in the use of this medium. Its implications are far reaching.

The Jordanian pilot was engaged in air strikes against Caliphate positions in the alleged “coalition” allegedly formed by US President Obama. Shot down and captured, the pilot was part of a mind game played expertly by the Jihadists. In a war the Geneva Convention (Convention (III) relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Geneva, 12 August 1949. ) is generally at least acknowledged by warring parties. The brutal execution of the pilot demonstrated that any military prisoners could expect horrific treatment and no rescue. When the Administration declared victory and evacuated Iraq and Afghanistan equipment, arms and on the ground intel were abandoned. Along with over 400 ground to air missiles, Abrams tanks and other up to date equipment fell into the hands of the Jihadists. The measure is clear: we can shoot down your planes and kill your pilots if we capture them. We will video their killing and make it visible to family, friends, comrades in arms and others who would take up arms against us. It is an effective anti-morale weapon. The USA’s abandonment of quick air rescue capability, lack of intel and the general piecemeal and inept prosecution of a war declared on it by a vicious enemy who knows no mercy have put a new psychological element into the equation. We cannot find you or rescue you and we will put you out to bomb and attack “terrorists”. The message is unspoken but clear.

Israel’s growing alliance with India, Japan and its continued working relationship with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Egypt will be the best line of defense against a 7th century brutal world-conquering regime. Iran’s nuclear weapons program, The 12th Imam (Shiite or Sunni) and The Mahdi all are factors in this accelerating series of events. American supporters of Israel are growing in their vocal and online influence. Hopefully when Mr. Netanyahu addresses the Joint Session of Congress (minus the bit-players and such) they will be moved to take decisive action as a body to act to eliminate Iran as a nuclear threat and deal with The Caliphate before any apocalyptic fantasies can multiply. I for one not tolerate the thought of the flag of The Caliphate flying over the Capitol of my country. Nor will I tolerate Sharia Law in my land. Mr. Netanyahu, we’re ready and waiting for our counsel ! We are fighting an army that uses terror as a weapon not mindless, stateless terrorists who kill for a thrill. We need all the expertise you can supply. Thank you in advance.

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