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Petrified by the prospect of facing Kevin de Leon, the Progressive Democrat who secured the California Democrat Party endorsement for Senate this year, in November (it is Democrat vs. Democrat – NO Republican alternative. Now that’s democracy in New California!), Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and at 84, the oldest Democrat in the Senate, took the ultimate risk of her political career during the recent Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Having received a letter from a constituent in July who wished to remain anonymous and was simply (allegedly) sending the letter to inform the Senator, not seeking a public role, Dianne sat on it.

Democratic operatives, perhaps even staffers of Sen. Feinstein’s leaked the existence of the letter and the identity of the complainant, a Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Now that her identity was revealed, the operatives pummeled her with an “appeal to be great”, to put all the wronged women of America ahead of her own desire to stay out of the public eye and to do her duty to women of the future.

Now, these operatives/staffers just happened to recommend to Dr. Ford that she seek out legal representation from Debra Katz, a lawyer known for representing clients in sexual harassment actions with an affinity for left-leaning causes through her work on the Project for Government Oversight. Her other attorney was Michael Bromwich, a former Federal Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York and the lead attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy Director of FBI under James Comey. Both were serving pro bono, and one wonders how they ended up as Dr. Ford’s legal team, a question which remains unanswered.

Be that as it may, I write this commentary with no malice toward Dr. Ford. She was clearly used as a political weapon, both against Judge Kavanaugh, but perhaps more importantly, against Kevin de Leon, by the grandmotherly Sen. Feinstein who, for some megalomaniac reason believes she must serve in the Senate until she is 90 years old.

Which is ridiculous. Based upon her recent performance, it is clear she has no business conducting the people’s business, particularly when it comes to evaluating the worthiness of a jurist who might have the appropriate background and “temperament” to serve on the Nation’s Highest Court. What normal human being would not take umbrage at having their entire career attacked by the likes of this woman who could not speak in complete sentences when Sen. John Cornyn asked her directly whether her staff had been responsible for leaking Dr. Ford’s identity to The Washington Post? What normal human being would not feel humiliated by having their credibility challenged by Sen. Dick Blumenthal who got away with lying about his service his service in Vietnam?

And generally-respected bloggers and opinion writers in The Times of Israel describe his normal human response as “hateful partisan junk” when I’m afraid that “feigned indignation” came from Spartacus and his deranged followers who were videoed in the Senate hallways robotically repeating the words of the organizer instructing them how to confront Senators in galleries and elevators. Watching the weepy Sen. Jeff Flake cornered in a Senate elevator was the nadir of this sorry saga.

No, my friends, not only can’t Bubbie Dianne govern, but she can’t drive either. As the second richest seated Senator worth roughly $94 million, why should she? She can afford a driver even if the taxpayers don’t provide one to her. And, boy, did she have a great driver. For twenty years, The Bubbie’s driver reported to China’s Ministry of State Security through China’s San Francisco consulate. She admitted in 2018 that the FBI had tipped her off to this fact five years before, but the leak machine that is the FBI managed to keep this little tidbit out of The New York Times or The Washington Post during the Obama Administration. Robert Mueller ran the FBI until September 2013 at which time he was succeeded by James Comey.

I’m sure it was just a coincidence that she chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence at the time. She has never explained this twenty-year oversight to the American people but has no trouble with her conscience leveling unsubstantiated charges against a Supreme Court nominee for personal political gain.

You Progressives had November sewn up until you got greedy. Not only did you attack Kavanaugh over events that could not be substantiated in high school, you let your own freak flag fly. People watched that circus and thought, “What the hell are people in Hawai’i thinking to elect a woman like that?” Or “Do Kamala Harris and Corey Booker actually believe that the majority of Americans will cast a ballot for either of them for President?” California is an unmitigated disaster on so many levels and Corey Booker was the….Mayor of Newark?? Oh, that’s one big claim to fame. Or “Dick Durban? Dick Durban? Will he just ask Don McGahan, the White House Counsel, if he will accept his resignation right this very damned moment?”

It was an embarrassing, despicable display of naked political partisanship since none of them ever had any intention of casting a vote in favor of Kavanaugh anyway. Was the point of that melodrama really that “I believe Dr. Ford.”?

Forgive my cynicism. It will hurt them badly at the ballot box in less than a month. They have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And they accomplished the impossible: for a moment, anyway, the NeverTrumpers found themselves defending the President with enthusiasm to protect an innocent man and his family.

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