The Clintons and the Borgias

If you had to compare the Clintons to any family in history, it would be the Borgias in Italy. The Clintons are just one couple in one generation but they’ve touched all the bases — murder, robbery in sums vastly exceeding those of the Borgias, and never-ending sex crimes.

Leaving aside speculation, which I don’t do, there is evidence that the Clintons are involved in three murders.

The most famous is the assassination of Vince Foster, White House deputy counsel, on July 20, 1993. I wrote one book on the case and inadvertently ended up covering it again in much of a second book because I came up with information that cast further light on the cover-up.

The first thing that Bill Clinton had to do so that the coast was clear for the murder was to fire the FBI director Sessions, which he did on July 19, the day before the murder. This was a honey trap. Foster, a married man, left his office right after lunch and went to another room in the White House to meet a woman. There he had sex and was murdered. Time of death, when digestion ceases, was no later than 3:45.

The conspirators dumped the body in an obscure historical park in Virginia. There were two reasons that the park was chosen. The case would fall to the Park Police, who had no experience in homicides. They would have to declare foul play before the FBI would come in. Secondly the medical examiner there was the most incompetent in the country and perhaps in all of history. Whatever the Park Police said, he would go along with it. The Park Police “investigation” lasted five seconds. The found the body with a .38 revolver in hand and declared it a suicide. They tied up a few loose ends and called it a wrap after 16 days.

If FBI director Sessions had been on the job, this was an easy case. Blonde hair of the woman was on the body and so were carpet fibres from the room where Foster was murdered. It was obviously not a suicide. A passerby came upon the body at 5:40 in the bush 700 feet from the parking lot without a gun in hand. The conspirators had not yet got there with the gun. Foster’s car, a new Honda, did not arrive until 6 p.m. He was six-foot-five and it was driven by someone five-foot-eight, most likely the woman suspect. A cop touched the engine when he saw the car and it was hot. Putting a .38 in his hand as if he had blown his brains out did not stand up to scrutiny either. The recoil of that revolver would have caused it to fly out of his hand some distance away.

The Clintons were under pressure to explain all the rackets that they had been involved in in Arkansas so Bill saw an opportunity to let his critics have their inquiry while bringing in someone who would mark the murder case closed as a suicide. The guy he brought in was Fiske and more than anything else choosing him pointed at the probable motive for the murder.

The CIA cocaine industry, run out of Arkansas, was the biggest in the country. Bill was a CIA agent going back to his days at Oxford. His job was to keep snoopers away. The BCCI bank handled the money-laundering. This was the crookest bank in history. It was headquartered in Pakistan and billions of dollars from deposits were stolen, possibly to finance the Pakistan nuclear bomb. Foster’s client in Little Rock handled the money-laundering. Fiske, the guy they brought in to “investigate,” was the attorney for the head of the American branch of BCCI. He was not going to reveal any secrets and probably couldn’t because of lawyer-client relations. The inquiry was a farce. There was not even sworn testimony.

Ken Starr was then hired. This guy was a dupe with so many quirks in his character that it would take a Freud to figure them out. The first thing he did was bring in in a bright young district attorney from California named Miguel Rodriguez. All Starr had to do was walk away and Clinton’s goose was cooked. Rodriguez very quickly compiled copious evidence to present to a grand jury that Foster had been murdered. That would never do. Starr fired him, told a newspaper that he, Starr, who had not been involved in the investigation, had concluded that it was a suicide, scrapped all the evidence of Rodriguez, and summoned a new grand jury.

In the second book I get into the role of Freeh, the replacement FBI director, but I’ll just mention his name here so you know who is behind this. What the FBI was doing was writing up witness statements to fit the narrative that it was a suicide. It didn’t matter what anyone said, the FBI put the words in their mouths that they wanted on the record.

The US mass media (MSM) then as now works on the Soviet model. They do not serve the people, but the party, in this case the Democratic Party. I’ll gave you an example from Obama’s time because it had to do with his relationship with anti-Semites. In 2003 there was a going-away party in Chicago for one of the country’s most noxious anti-Semites. Rashid Khalidi. He is on record as saying that suicide bombings are justified as long as the victims are Jews. Khalidi had formerly been a go-fer for Arafat. The guest-of-honor was Obama and he gave the toast to Khalidi. In 2007 Khalidi brought his idol Ahmenijhad to Columbia University in NY. In 2008 when Obama was running for the president, it became known that the LA Times had a video of the shindig in Chicago where Obama gave the toast. Would they release it? It was bad for the party candidate so no dice.

Miguel Rodriguez called in countless leading journalists to tell them of his conclusion that Vince Foster had been murdered, probably by Clinton. Some of the journalists were good to go. But the commissars who run the MSM wouldn’t touch it. This guy Rodriguez had an impeccable record in public service and had the evidence to back up what he was saying. But it was bad for the party candidate so no dice.

The only reason we know that the FBI was falsifying the statements of witnesses was because of Patrick Knowlton, a construction worker. He got to the park at the 4:30, did not see a new Honda, Foster’s car, but some old Honda which the conspirators apparently wanted witnesses to believe was Foster’s in order to meet the framework of the time of death. Knowlton was interviewed by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph in the UK, which was the only newspaper covering the story honestly. Evans-Pritchard then checked the FBI transcripts of Knowlton’s statement to the FBI and came back and said, what you are telling me is entirely different from what they have recorded you saying. He printed the story and Knowlton was summoned to testify before Starr’s phoney grand jury. Before that happened 25 thugs harassed and persecuted Knowlton and his girl-friend for three days in order to scare him off. This was psychological warfare so it had to be CIA, from what I can see, not the FBI, but they were working together.

Starr had another chance to blow the case wide open. Debra von Trapp in California had got the call from Washington at 11 p.m. eastern time the night of the murder. She was a computer surveillance expert, cloak-and-dagger herself, had worked for Bush I, and, yes, from the “The Sound of Music” family.

The call was from Robert Goetzman, an FBI agent, who was drunk. He told her that he had been part of the hit squad that killed Foster. He said things that no one else could possibly have known at that point. He said, “We dumped him in a queer park to send Clinton and his queer wife a message.”

That Fort Marcy Park was indeed known as a hangout for homosexuals. And it looked liked he was calling to throw suspicion off the Clintons. For some reason von Trapp did not reveal the tape of the call for 30 months. Perhaps she was frightened. But then she sent it to Starr. He ignored it.

Starr was having a field day describing in great minutiae the sexual escapades of Clinton. That seemed to be all he was interested in. Fast forward. He finally got run out of Baylor University this year where he had been president for six years. During that time football players, if not others, were raping co-eds from one of the campus to the other. He knew about the assaults and did nothing. It was almost as if the only thing he was interested in was reading reports of the rapes. The guy is weird.

You got to remember too that Arkansas with cocaine everywhere when Clinton was governor took on the character of Colombia. Two teenagers went out to night hunt and were found run over by a train. They had seen a drug exchange or money drop. No one was ever brought to trial because nine potential witnesses were murdered; one had his hands and feet sawn off.

The Foster murder was in a series of three. Jerry Parks was a private eye in Little Rock who had worked for Foster. He figured he was next. He was gunned down gangland style a month later. Foster’s wife Lisa remarried to a judge, Moody, a Clinton appointee. His son found in Foster’s papers a document he said “would change history.” He told his father. He wanted to publicize it and met with a “journalist.” As they were sitting in his car, it suddenly took off at high speed and crashed into a brick wall.

I got into Freeh in the second book and here is why. Freeh was the guy who was standing in the wings and became FBI director when Clinton fired Sessions and knew that he was there for one purpose, to cover up the Foster murder. The second book is about Jeffrey Epstein, the multi-millionaire paedophile pimp, who supplied kiddie girls to rich and powerful men like Bill Clinton mainly at “Orgy Island,” his private island in the West Islands, or on flights on the “Lolita Express,” his Boeing 727 equipped with a bed where kiddie girls could always be found.

The case was set for Florida. They had enough on him to send him away for 20 or 30 years. Ken Starr got involved and somehow bamboozled everyone. Epstein walked away with a slap on the wrist, a few months in a county jail where he would be given his own cell, and only had to show up when it didn’t inconvenience him, as it were. Meanwhile Clinton needed a lawyer too in case he was charged with child molestation or worse. Clinton had raped before and attempted rape, but these were adult women. He summoned good old Freeh. In backgrounding Freeh I ended up with the Foster murder again.

How bad was Freeh as FBI director? This was the assessment of Judicial Watch, verified by other observers.

Kevin Ryan wrote, “Judicial Watch said that director Freeh believed he was above the law — ‘a man so corrupt he destroyed the office he led, and a man so cowardly he refuses to face the music for the illegalities he has allegedly committed.’ To this was added a claim that the FBI under Freeh was being directed by sinister yet unknown forces.

“In case after case throughout the 1990s, the FBI seems to have tailored its investigative efforts to fit somebody’s pre-arranged script. The question is, who wrote that script — and why?’

Wild guess would be the CIA — the same people who ordered the murder of Vince Foster — and from whom Clinton still seemed to be taking orders.

Let’s go back. Where did this Freeh come from? He was an Italian from New Jersey and one of his first jobs in the FBI was to infiltrate the mob and he came up with a number of arrests for drug pushing.

Then Judge Vance in Alabama was murdered. He was about to hear a case involving this self-same CIA cocaine industry. Freeh was dispatched from NY to frame a patsy for the murder. His name is Moody, no relation to the above, and he is still sitting on death row. The evidence they found out later was tainted but it made no difference.

Having earned his spurs there, Clinton summoned Freeh to be the FBI director and he showed up the day before the murder of Vince Foster. His first job was to make sure that Sessions got the hell out of there tout de suite.

Hillary Clinton’s first big score was turning a $1,000 investment at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange into $100,000 bonanza in a few months. A team of economists later analyzed her trading and said this cannot be done legally; the odds being an impossible 250 million to l. Clinton is a genius at stealing.

Raking in big dough was what she did as secretary of state. She ripped off the whole world. Her best deal was secretly selling 20 per cent of the US’s uranium ore to Putin, for which hustlers slipped her $145 million. The Clintons call this graft “donations to charity.” But the Clinton Foundation is only 10 per cent charity; the rest is gravy. The bookkeeping is so incredibly fraudulent that no one can make head nor tail of it. Bill Clinton had the nerve to shake down Putin for an extra $500,000 to hear him sing a song, or give a speech, whatever the racket is.

Hillary has now got the Saudis underwriting 20 per cent of her election campaign. They don’t want Trump in there because he may ask questions about their role in financing 9/11. Both Bush II and Obama looked the other way and Hillary will too. Who said the Saudis are financing her election campaign? Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This was reported by the Jordanian news agency quoting Bin Salman,

“In the American current election we provide with full enthusiasm 20 per cent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s election, even though some elements in the country don’t have a positive look at the king’s supporting a woman for the presidency.”

I’m a Canadian so why did I start writing about the US election? I’m also an Israeli and it was due to Hillary Clinton’s abysmal incompetence as secretary of state that Israel is now facing what could be its biggest and deadliest war. She is not qualified to be dog catcher.

The United Nations passed two resolutions, numbers 1559 and 1680, one after the other in 2004 and 2006, obliging Hezbollah to disarm. Hezbollah started the Second Lebanon War after that and fired 4,000 missiles and rockets into Israel.

The war lasted five weeks. The Americans came along and promised a resolution at the UN obligating the disarming of Hezbollah and forbidding its presence south of the Litani River.

After the war the UN indeed did pass Resolution 1701 which confirmed the earlier resolutions that armed militias are not permitted in Lebanon. This meant Hezbollah was to be disarmed. Furthermore and this was equally important to Israel, the UN decreed that the area south of the Litani River was to be demilitarized, patrolled by the Lebanese army with the assistance of UN peacekeeping forces.

When the war ended Hezbollah still possessed 7,000 short-range missiles. Today it has an arsenal of 120,000 of the most modern, most deadly — many long range — missiles in existence plus drones, according to Danny Danon, Israel’s UN ambassador They have more missiles now below ground than most NATO countries in Europe have above ground. Hezbollah is an arm of Iran and all it will take is for Iran to flash the green light and Israel can expect at least 1,500 missiles per day heading its way. Nothing is safe, not the oil refineries, not the ports, not any community, and they have got their hands on the most advanced Russian anti-ship missiles which can take out our ships. The Russians did not give them these anti-ship missiles, but in the fog of war things happen. Israel’s casualties and destruction could be immense.

Hezbollah is no longer just a terrorist organization with a collection of individual fighters. They’ve been engaged in the Syrian Civil War for a number of years and have a veteran 8,000-man army, which is now getting the best of training from the Russians. They’ll be able to take the initiative and make ground offences.

Who is responsible for this happening? The buck stops with Obama but the person under whose watch this occurred was Hillary. For the first two years Hezbollah was occupied with rebuilding from the rubble so a large number of missiles weren’t coming in.

All Hillary had to do when the first intelligence reports arrived of Iranian arm shipments was go to the UN and sound the alarm. She did nothing. The state department makes statements every day blasting Israel for changing a light bulb in a street lamb in east Jerusalem. She could have had the UN keep the spotlight and the pressure on Iran the whole time and organized some action. To go from 7,000 missiles to 120,000 represents a huge number of shipments over a long period of time, most of them during Hillary’s watch.

There didn’t seem to be any central command at the UN to co-ordinate the efforts of the UN troops. These were crack troops.

South of the Litani in 2007 six Spanish troops were killed by a car bomb days after they discovered a secret cache of weapons. Hezbollah offered to provide “escorts” to Spanish patrols so that they wouldn’t see anything further that they shouldn’t see and the cowards accepted the offer.

In 2011 six Italian troops were injured by a roadside bomb and twice five French troops were injured by bombs. France, Italy, and Spain turned tail and withdrew most of their troops.

Israel took out a lot a shipments themselves. Al-Jazeera knows of eight. At one point in blowing up a convoy Israel killed an Iranian general and Hezbollah fired rockets into Israel killing two soldiers, but they didn’t go to war for that. However, that is the sort of danger that always exists. If Hezbollah fires a rocket and hits a school bus full of kids, the war starts right there.

At one point Israel’s navy intercepted a shipment of 500 tons of missiles and weapons coming from Iran.

By 2011 Hezbollah had installed 1,000 military facilities south of the Litani including 550 weapons bunkers and 300 underground facilities.

On the 10th anniversary of the war Danon showed the Security Council aerial photographs of a village or town south of the Litani in which missiles and launchers are placed in every third residence. They’ve got weapons caches in the two schools and also mosques. This is just one community there. How many others are like that?

The American military says the only way to deal with something like this is with FAEs, which are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel which produces massive explosions. The expanding wave flattens all buildings within a considerable range.

There is a guy named Salami who heads the Revolutionary Guards in Iran. With a name like that what he says may be baloney, but you never know. He says the Iranians have 10,000 high-powered long-range missiles stationed in different countries ready to launch as soon as the war breaks out with Israel, in addition to the 120,000 in the hands of Hezbollah  in Lebanon and also in Syria now. If the Russians get in the way in Syria we’ll have no choice but to do as Golda Meir did, run over them.

It would have been so easy if Hillary had ridden herd on Iranian shipments to keep their totals under control and also to co-ordinate the response of the European troops in south Lebanon making sure that they had someone in charge.  There was no money in it, so why should she bother?

Like the Borgias the Clintons get away with everything: murder, robbery, sexual assaults even on children, and as in Italy then so in America today, there is no press to report anything. Even so Israel may not soon forget Hillary even if she does slink away before given a new chance to cause even more damage in the world. Every missile in Lebanon aimed at Israel has Hillary’s name on it.

If I am permitted to say so, the names of my books on the Clintons are: “Vince Foster And The Hildabeast;” and “Orgy, Porgy, Puddin’ ‘N’ Pie. Bill Clinton Was There — Me Oh My!”

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.
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