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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 186


Why nobody but the US voted against the UN’s anti-Israel resolution | The Times of Israel  ‘The EU states tried to get the Palestinians to agree to a more balanced text, but eventually decided to abstain’

Is this because Israel is not that well liked just now in too many corners of the world?

Is it due to the sizable imbalance in death tolls, figures that have already exceeded several hundreds on the Gazan side and less than 40 on that of Israel’s?

Is there some worldwide bias against Jews in general and a certain antipathy towards almost everything they do?

Well, whatever the reason, for Israel to continue on in more or less the exact same pattern as before is not advisable. That course of action has seen nothing but death, pain and privation brought down upon the local scene and is unlikely to burnish Israel’s image in any way whatsoever. All it can do is delay the inevitable, the next clash of arms that happens along. An expectation like this can hardly be viewed as much of an improvement on what is now the current situation.

But if that delay could somehow be extended, stretched out over a multitude of years, even generations, then such an interval might well furnish results far in excess of those being sought after most diligently by the great and the good at this very moment in time.

So, is there is a chance for Israel to be seen as something other than just another powerful military machine, one aiming to keep its conquests and national interests sacrosanct and safe from all hostile elements in the region, those deemed a danger to its people, security and existence?

Maybe so, maybe not. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’






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