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The ‘Concept’: Understanding the War Debates

In the news lately, you’ll often see the right berating the government that they are working under a “false concept” or are prisoners to the “concept” (sometimes “conception”). This is a loaded term in Israeli history, which makes the direct translations fall flat. It originates from the Yom Kippur War, where the military was so entrenched in their prediction of how others would act, that even after the surprise attack had begun, they couldn’t believe it. Here is the definition from that war:

The Concept – הַקּוֹנְסֶפְּצִיָּה

  1. Egypt will not initiate a war until they have the air power to overcome Israel’s air force.
  2. Syria will never attack alone, without Egypt.
  3. Egypt and Syria will not initiate a war they cannot win.

A better translation would be “delusion”, but it’s much more than that, it is a delusion that gets everyone killed.

October 6 was the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. This war, the Simchat Torah War, started on October 7. Both were holidays and Saturdays (Shabbat). We’re reliving that war in many ways. Lessons that were supposed to be learned from that war were forgotten, and the idiocy actually doubled-down on.

Instead of one “Concept” 50 years ago, we actually have a bunch that are going on now. Some of them ended on October 7, some are ongoing. Leading up to October 7, there were two “Concepts”, the military believed, but which were absolutely proven false:

  1. Hamas was moderating
  2. At worst, IF they broke through the fence, the best they could muster would be to attack two or three towns in the area.

Over 1,200 dead, to go “duh!” but moving on.

Here is an incomplete list of “Concepts” that are still going on. Perhaps the government is only pretending to believe in some of these. Perhaps the common sense and massive anger of the population will prevent some of these from coming to fruition. It is very hard to tell. The War Cabinet, that is running the war as a junta, is made up of the same people who have been leading the military for years and got us here. They are not known for their opposition to any of these.

  1. Relying on US military aid to provide our arsenal is a good (read cheap) idea. The US gives Israel money, which must be spent on US-made weapons and ammunition. Israel is prevented from making spare parts and ammunition (including bombs and missiles). When there is a crisis America is “supposed to” resupply us without question. In actuality, America is reconsidering what arms they will give us and using the threat of not supplying us to get its demands met.
  2. We are at war with Hamas and everyone else is our friend. This, despite the fact that Islamic Jihad and PFLP are both holding hostages from Oct. 7.
  3. Fatah (a.k.a. the PLO, a.k.a. the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas) are our friends and should be put in charge of Gaza. Leaders of Fatah, like Jibril Rajoub, brag that they are helping Hamas prosecute the war; they have been fighting the IDF in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) from before the war; and, most importantly, the claim to have taken part in the Oct. 7 massacre
  4. The Palestinians can be “deradicalized”. Just like the Americans did in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  5. Better that several IDF soldiers die, ח”ו, than one “innocent uninvolved civilian” gets injured. The IDF has made some progress in backing off this one, but you will notice that they never bomb the massive funerals for terrorists when everyone comes out, armed, to celebrate the “martyr”. Israel risked the lives of soldiers to deliver gasoline to the door of Al Shifa hospital, which was then rejected by the hospital.
  6. Sending fuel, food, water and medical equipment helps “innocent uninvolved civilians”, and not the terrorists. Israel provided a recording of a hospital administrator being ordered to give the hospital’s fuel to Hamas, BEFORE aid was sent to Gaza.
  7. Allowing uninvolved countries to set up NEW field hospitals inside Gaza is a good idea. Those won’t be used by the enemy, just like all the existing hospitals and UN buildings aren’t.
  8. An “international force” could rule Gaza. This has never worked. Anywhere. Ever. There’s a very obvious reason for this: Why would a guy from an uninvolved country risk his life to stop two sides from fighting?
  9. There are “innocent uninvolved civilians” in any sizable number. “Innocent uninvolved civilians” are shown in the horrific videos of Oct. 7, when even old men on crutches participated in the raping and killing. Roni Kriboy managed to escape for a while inside Gaza, but was returned to the terrorists by “innocent uninvolved civilians”.
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