The Conspiracy Between God, America and Israel

Does God use great leaders?

Does God actually exist? And even if God does exist, is He involved in our bizarre political world today? The very first of The 10 Commandments says, “I am the Lord your God, WHO TOOK YOU out of Egypt…” Since it says that God took the Israelites out of Egypt, the clear implication is that God does indeed act in our world…at times. The Bible is filled with God appointed rulers, so why not now?

Can we somehow deduce that it was God who actually interfered in the 2016 American election of Donald Trump, rather than the Russians who tried, but were basically ineffective. And is it possible that the good Lord is now directly involved in stirring up the unending controversy we call the Israeli elections of 2019?

How is it possible that Hillary Clinton, with her ultimate resume, tremendous bankroll and political connections, could lose the presidential election to an arrogant, inexperienced political novice, whose major credentials were constructing skyscrapers in New York and being a television bad boy. Even more amazing, this all occurred in a year where feminists ruled, and the politically correct media anointed President Clinton’s wife as the certain winner. In a few weeks, Jews will celebrate the miracle of Chanukah, where one day’s worth of oil burned for eight days. You call that a miracle? Donald Trump’s election makes Chanukah look like an everyday occurrence.

It is rather impossible to think that the hand of God is not behind Donald Trump’s passion and love for the Jewish Homeland—first appointing a religious super Zionist, David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel, selecting Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador who continually blasted the UN’s bias against Israel, moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, defunding UNWRA, tossing the PLO out of Washington DC, ripping up the Iran agreement, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and most recently, reversing America’s long term West Bank policy and declaring that Israeli settlements are now part of Israel. Not to mention the President’s labeling the 4 woman Congressional squad including Tlaib, Omar, et al as antisemitic Jew haters. What is going on here? Trump is the president that just keeps on giving….to Israel and Jews. Thank God!!!

Today, Israel is getting everything it has dreamed of since 1948, and much, much more. So much more than any right wing Prime Minister could ask for, from the leader of the free world. It is absolutely unbelievable and the only possible explanation is that some Supernatural force is pulling Trump’s strings in the White House.

In addition, how is it possible that this tiny country the size of New Jersey, with its population of just over 9 million people, has become a world class economic powerhouse, with one of the strongest militaries in the world. Yet the enemies of Israel, with all of their oil money and massive populations, could not acquire enough military hardware and expertise to defeat and wipe out this tiny Jewish state. It all makes no rational sense and certainly defies logic.

Why has God blessed President Trump with great success in three distinct endeavors—building construction, television and politics? Is it talent, coincidence, sheer luck or divine involvement? Why has Trump been given an incredible family, amazing children, excellent health, riches beyond belief, and one of the most exciting lifestyles on the planet?

On the other hand, why is this God of The Chosen People punishing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by not allowing his present election to come to fruition, after a life dedicated to the country he fought for and represented so well. With all of the amazing accomplishments of Netanyahu for the Jewish people, why has this God of the Torah decided to punish Netanyahu at this final stage of his long, esteemed career?

While Jewish teachings provide the answers, if one spent their Hebrew School years shooting spitballs in class like most Jews, instead of paying attention to the Rabbis teachings, you would not be able to understand how God works under these circumstances. The Bible does not predict things, which so many imposter Torah scholars attempt to prove, through their hidden FAKE Torah codes. However, when the Hebrew Bible is learned properly, it will give the brain insight into understanding the way God works here on earth.

For instance, based on one of the major themes in the Torah concerning the battle between good and evil, it was quite obvious that this entity called God was possibly involved in the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, for his elevating the status of one of the greatest, mass murdering terrorists in world history—Yasser Arafat. You dare shake the hand of a mass murderer of Jews on the White House lawn with millions of people watching on tv and the President of the United States by your side. The Bible is adamant about punishing someone who elevates evil, even if one thinks it may be for the greater good at some point in the future.

Yet Prime Minister Netanyahu is quite another story. The biblical reasons for his punishment begins with giving up Hebron to the Palestinian Authority in 1997 followed by his signing the Wye Agreement with Arafat. And today, as rockets fall all over Israel creating panic, his paper tiger responses have made Hamas and Hezbollah fearless. Prime Minister Netanyahu had many opportunities to destroy the enemies of Israel once and for all, yet chose little pinpricks to appease Europe, Russia and most of the world. A great response was appropriate and necessary by one of the world’s strongest militaries—yet Netanyahu failed to deliver the appropriate blow. God will punish those who endanger Israel—and that is the Prime Minister’s issue today.

God is telling the Jews of Israel—“You Jews think that you control an election? Well, Chosen People, let me show you who really controls things. There is a guy named Gideon Saar who has not fallen into the absurd trap of a two state solution like Netanyahu. He will replace your present leadership, and hopefully he will not follow down this same foolish road!”

And by the way, God is laughing at those lawyers who are attempting to change God’s election decisions in America and Israel. Those lawyers in Congress with their verbal legal tricks can impeach a ham sandwich, just like those Israeli lawyers in the Attorney General’s office and the Israeli Justice Department can indict a pastrami on rye by twisting the law. And do not think that Hashem does not see the media’s role in serving those sandwiches to the public with their FAKE mustard dressing. Watch out!!!

About the Author
Irwin N. Graulich is a "serious Jew." He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, a child of Holocaust survivors. Mr. Graulich attended both public school and yeshiva, and has been writing and speaking about Jewish life since he was 16. He has written for many publications and web sites world wide. Irwin's unique eloquence and passion for Judaism have made him a much sought after speaker and writer. Some fascinating topics he has recently addressed include Why Be Jewish?, Where Was God During The Holocaust?, The Case For God's Existence, The Real Reason For Anti-Semitism, Lessons of The Holocaust, The Importance of Israel To The World, The Mitzvah To Hate, The Secrets of Shabbat and Kashrut, and many other subjects. In addition to lecturing in hundreds of synagogues, Mr. Graulich has been a guest speaker for Zionist Organization of America, Amit Women, UJA, Bnai Brith and ORT, as well as for many secular and non-Jewish organizations. Mr. Graulich considers himself a multi-denominational Jew and is a member of 6 shuls--Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. His wife, Dr. Penny Resnick Graulich, a pediatric dentist, is also the daughter of Holocaust survivors. They have 3 children, all of whom attended Jewish day schools in Westchester. Irwin N. Graulich is President of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing, branding and communications firm in New York City.
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