The cult of Donald Trump

We so-called ignorant rubes have sound reasoning on our side, and we know this president is a far cry better than what the Dems have to offer

On CNN last week, Don Lemon and his guests were talking about the “ignorant rubes” who support Donald Trump and the three gentlemen literally could not contain their laughter when describing these morons who couldn’t find Ukraine on a map or even spell the name correctly.

Then this week, The L.A. Times published an article which essentially described supporters of Donald Trump as members of a cult on a par with Moonies and Jim Jones’ People’s Temple.

According to the author, those of us who don’t conform to the left’s perception of Donald Trump have “…elected to forfeit our … principles rather than refine or strengthen them.” Why, us unenlightened deplorables are even willing to ignore the “crimes committed in the name of Trumpism”. In other words, those of us who see much to admire in Donald Trump’s accomplishments as President are just too stupid and/or brainwashed to accept the truth as determined by our intellectual superiors.

Well, I’m a proud and vocal supporter of Donald Trump and I don’t think I’ve suffered any brain damage (none that I know of, at least), although I have to admit that I too might have trouble finding Ukraine on a map (as I suspect would be the case for the majority of non-Europeans).

If we can put feelings aside for a moment, how about reviewing Donald Trump’s actions over the past three years and judge him (and his supporters) on his actual record? I know letting the facts dictate your perceptions is a foreign concept to ‘woke’ progressives but what we see in the Donald Trump era is a robust economy, soaring consumer and corporate confidence, record employment, rising wages, repatriated jobs, meaningful reductions in dependence on government handouts, energy self-sufficiency, renegotiated (and favorable) trade deals, allies being successfully lobbied to contribute to their own defense, the deweaponization of government agencies which previously targeted conservatives, the appointment of hundreds of constitution-respecting judges, and the courage to confront foes such as Iran, China, Russia and North Korea after decades of presidents’ kicking the can down the road.

It is a formidable record of achievement, especially compared to the lack of positive results for his most recent predecessors. Thus, there are meaningful and measurable reasons to be a fan of Donald Trump.

And did I mention that Donald Trump has been a better friend to Israel than any of his predecessors? Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, affirming Israel’s right to maintain its presence in Judea and Samaria, being a staunch supporter in the U.N., refusing to send millions of dollars to Palestinian terrorists, he has shown a genuine affection for Israel that Jewish Americans should not have any trouble acknowledging and respecting.

But in our binary system of politics where one usually has to choose between only two viable options, there is also the question of the alternative to Donald Trump. Would America be better off under the Democratic Party? You know, the party that apparently believes in Medicare for all, forgiveness of student debt, hollowing out of the military, encouraging judges to make decisions based on the ‘social good’, allowing abortion at anytime during pregnancy, removing all barriers to entry to America, encouraging the existence of sanctuary cities that shield alien lawbreakers from deportation, not to mention the party that has sought to exploit racial and class distinctions as a political tool. And can anyone name a Democratic candidate for President who would be equally supportive of Israel?

Well, in the judgment of all us rubes and morons, we believe Donald Trump was and is a far better option than anything the Democrats have to offer, and that is a reasonable judgment based on inarguable facts. Disagree if you wish, argue the merits of the options, but how about respecting the right of people to disagree with you? That doesn’t make them idiots or misinformed or naïve or any of the other pejoratives constantly employed by the left against their opponents. It just means they look at the world differently than you do, and history might very well prove them right.

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Businessman, son of Holocaust survivors, father of two, grandfather of one, married for 45 years. Born in Israel but lived in Canada for most of my life. Proud and vocal Zionist.
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