The current states of America and Israel

בסייד                                                                                                                                            Wednesday Night’s US Evening News Left Me In Shock

Three stories dominated the headlines But One Story Stands Out

National Guard Troops Invade The US Capitol

Those National Guard Troops Arrived One Week Too Late  

With the volatile atmosphere that existed in many cities throughout the past year, I would have expected the authorities in Washington DC to step up security in and around the US Capitol Building long before January 20.  But despite intelligence warnings that there would be violence prior to the inauguration, it seems those warnings were mostly ignored.

Had those warnings been taken seriously, and the National Guard deployed throughout the city, that attack would most definitely have been avoided.

Israel Sets The Standard For Guarding Against Terrorist Attacks

Before entering any major Israeli Government Building, I must go through a series of security checks before being allowed to enter. Those checks can be a combination of security fences, security guards and scanning machines. If at any time the security officials have any questions, they have the right to pull me aside before I am cleared to enter the Government Building.

That should not be surprising to anyone who has flown on El Al because every passenger is subject to such treatment. But this is not just limited to Government Buildings, also many other non-Government structures as well such as private schools, sports facilities, and religious sites. The Kotel or Western Wall provides a good example.

Israel Had Every Right To Ban Those Squad Members But Twitter Disagrees

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remembers very well the day his brother Yoni died at Entebbe rescuing all those hostages that were kidnapped by PLO backed terrorists. The organization sponsoring Omar and Tlaib was founded by Hanan Ashrawi who was one of Arafat’s primary spokespersons. Ashrawi recently said she has resigned from the PLO, but she continues to speak against Israel.

If you do not believe me, just Google her name and her Twitter account is displayed which records some of her latest tweets bashing Israel. So, it is OK for Twitter to allow her to speak against Israel on their platform, but it is more important that they ban the President out of fear he may spark another riot. Is that the main reason?

One of the major reasons Bibi banned Omar and Tlaib was because he knew their trip here was intended to do Israel more harm than good. And that is proven by Ashrawi’s tweets. It is therefore very important that the Prime Minister took such a bold step against two women who have not had a good thing to say about Israel, Jews, and America since they took office. But that does not bother Twitter because those women also speak freely against Israel on their platform. I can proudly say I never have sent one tweet because I think their whole platform is for the birds!!

That Raises The Following Question — Why Are Those Two Anti-Semites Still Sitting In Congress?   

I have many times asked why the Democrats are protecting those two so-called lawmakers? Why are they not being investigated now instead of wasting the many hours and taxpayers’ money to throw President Trump out of office?

There are serious security questions that they fail to answer and are not being held accountable for. And President Trump will most likely leave office before a Senate hearing can convene.

President-Elect Biden Blamed The Capitol Building Riot On Domestic Terrorists — Who Is He Fooling?

He is wrong if he is referring to every single person that entered that building as a Domestic Terrorist. A terrorist comes to kill. He or she is usually armed with a weapon and wants to destroy property. That more accurately describes those rioters who looted and set fire to buildings like the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct Headquarters during the George Floyd riots. These crimes have continued since that time in major cities across America. And Biden’s party continues to play this down.

If Biden wants to talk about Domestic Terrorism, he must take a good look at the videos showing Omar admitting she was taking Terrorism classes in University. Combine that with her speech against Israel and America and add to that her refusal to do anything about the Terrorism recruiting capital of the US which existed in her own district previously, and I assume continues to be the case even today.

Do Not Blame President Trump For The Mess The Democrats Have Helped To Cause In America

It is the continuous speeches of people like Omar against Israel, America, Jews, and the Police that incite riots. Yes, President Trump is partly to blame for the riot in the Capitol Building, but those rioters could have done much more damage and killed many more people than was the case.

Some People Did Something     

Doesn’t Biden remember that famous speech where Omar refused to call those terrorists for what they are? Flight 93 failed to reach its target which most likely was the US Capitol Building. The rioters have now breached the walls from the grounds of that building for the first time since the British did so in over 200 years and the US Capitol suffered major fire damage back then. All Americans can thank G-d that the same thing did not happen this time as well.  Because if they were true terrorists that would most definitely have happened. It would have been impossible to have conducted Congressional business from the Senate and House chambers if they were damaged.

These Events Should Be Of Major Concern To All American Jews And Those Who Support Israel

Joe Biden should have called out The Squad as leader of the Democratic Party long ago, but he and the rest of the Party refuses to do so. Now Twitter appears to have become one of the official voices of those who speak against Israel. And there does not seem to be any effort made to stop it.

At least in the case of COVID-19 it appears the vaccine is beginning to have a positive effect in countries such as Israel which has been vaccinating its citizens at a rapid rate and that puts us on the road to eliminate this virus entirely.

Going back to my previous Blog, there is no other choice but to pay close attention to current events. Since we are reading the book of Exodus, you must take note that anti-Semitic talk is now more accepted in the press and social media. Just tonight there is a call by leftists to deprogram Trump supporters. Are we now entering a new dark age which will eliminate freedom of speech unless you agree to follow the new Government? That, of course, is a very dangerous thought but it appears to be the new reality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If this continues there is only one place for most Jews to live and bring up children. The question is if you will be ready to make the move when the time comes.


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