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The Dawn of the New Heavenly-Jerusalem Cycle (I)

After the circle dance Paneurhythmy on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria, the participants in our international group are greeting each other as living Souls! Thus they appreciate each other as cosmic beings!

The purpose of the published 28 Posts was to introduce some main archetypal ideas of the coming new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle and the Path to it. They included: a)  Exodus from the Babylonian type of contemporary civilisation; b) Tracing the Rainbow Path, going through the Spiritual School of the Soul (in the World of Yetzirah), the Mystery School of the Spirit (in the World of Beriah), towards the CREATOR in the World of Emanation; c) Receiving the Ten Divine Blessings, coming from the Tree of Life for the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle; d) Describing the Ten Heavens in the New Cosmic Cycle and the blessings for Cocreation with the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine.

Below I will briefly summarise some main archetypal ideas from the previous Posts, the logic of their sequence and I will introduce some new themes which have to be developed. Thus, this Post could be like a programme for the following Posts.

I started the Posts with The Need for a Messianic Dimension in the Israeli Election. I quoted the prominent Kabbalist Rav Michael Laitman who introduced the deep meaning of the words: a Jew, Israel, the Land of Israel and the role of  the Jewish People. Obviously, Israel, in one or another way, has to start the preparation for the fulfilment of its Divine purpose – going “straight to the Creator” as the unifying power in reality. For the fulfilment of this goal the Light of the Messiah is essential! This is why the content of the next 3 Posts was connected with introducing the concept of the Messiah.

The essence of the Messiah is a very sensitive and delicate theme. I believe that the archetypal ideas about the Mystical, Historical and Current Messiah are comprehensive enough and could be the basis for a further investigation. It could take the form of a special Integral Messiah Institute, which has to clarify this extremely important theme for Judaism and all world religions as well!

In order to ascend to the new reality, we have to start our Exodus from the contemporary Babylonian type of civilisation. Some general archetypal characteristics of the New Exodus are summarised in the Post Exodus and the New Spiritual Paradigm (17/12/2022). One of the first, in the listed characteristics, is to neutralise the negative Lucifer (egocentric), Ahriman (materialistic) and Antichrist (criminal) energies, described in the Post Elections in Israel and Preparing for the Exodus (01/11/2022). Of course, the characteristics could be presented in much greater detail. In one or another way they are discussed all over the world. Some of them I mentioned in other of my Posts as well.

The Exodus to the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem will go through the Spiritual Schools of the Soul (in the World of Yetzirah) and the Mystery School of the Spirit (in the World of Beriah). In the near future, in a few more Posts, I would like to introduce some principles, tasks, practices, forms of activities, etc., in the process of undergoing both Schools. Here another important Post could be the further development of the principle Life for the Whole in the Wholeness of Life because in the new cosmic cycle all four worlds have to be in perfect balance and harmony, overflowing and interpenetrating each other.

Life in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle is in the Kabbalistic World of Creation. The Ten Divine Commandments, brought by Moses, are connected with human life in the Worlds of Asiyyah and Yetzirah. They are eternal, but for life in the new cosmic cycle, in the World of Creation, they have to be supplemented with the Divine Blessings. The Ten Divine Blessings open the entry into the World of Creation and reveal the reality of the Ten Heavens in the new, Heavenly-Jerusalem, cosmic cycle. Here, in order to substantiate the content of the Heavens, I would refer to the Posts describing each one of them and introduce some new ideas which could make the picture of the Heavens much richer and more comprehensive.

 In the Post The First Heaven: The New Enlightened Humankind (29/12/2022), the First Heaven is identified with Malkhut of the World of Creation where the New Humankind, will live in the state of consciousness Neshamah, the Self. One of the previous Posts Exodus and Spiritual Transformation of the Human Being (13/11/2022) briefly introduces the spiritual structure of the human being as a micromodel of the Universe. This structure could be described in much greater details, especially the stages before reaching the high level of consciousness called Neshamah.

In fact, the critical part of human Exodus is the first part of the journey, i.e., to overcome the dark forces, to transcend the levels of consciousness called Nefesh and Ruach and finally to reach the level of cosmic consciousness called Neshamah, in order to enter into the World of Creation. Then, as the journey of the Soul continues in the World of Creation, from Heaven to Heaven, the human being has to develop the higher states of cosmic consciousness, corresponding to the levels of Chaya and Yechidah.

 The Exodus from the Worlds of Asiyyah and Yetzirah is the essence of the Paths in all world religions, including Kabbalah. For this Exodus it is important to publish Posts about the methods, the practices, the format of activities and the stages in the development of the spiritual bodies, enabling reaching the state of consciousness Neshamah, i.e., the entry into the Fist Heaven.

The Second Heaven is transforming the Earth as a Garden of Paradise. Some material about this Heaven is published in the Post Transforming the Earth into a Garden of Paradise (27/11/2022).  The content of the Second Heaven is a short resume from some of my books and our common collective work over the years in a few countries. This theme is extremely actual and there are million of people and hundreds of organisations which work on this noble task. Definitely, it is important to include a few more Posts on this crucial theme because the Sefirah Yesod is the Kabbalistic basis of the World of Creation and it is of strategic importance for our survival in the long term on Earth.

The Seven Temples of Life in the Third Heaven are building the Human Beings, the Families, the Spiritual Communities, the Nations, the entire Humankind, the reality of the New Earth and the reality of the New Heaven as Divine Temples.  Essential material for most of these Temples (the Human Being, the Nation, the Humankind, the New Earth and the New Heaven) could be find in various Posts related to the respective entities. Only building the Family and the Spiritual Communities as Divine Temples are not included as themes in the published Posts. These entities also are very important and have to become subjects of special Posts. As to the Family, here we could remember the great Plato myth about the human being in constant search of his/her soulmate/beloved. On the other hand, the great variety of Spiritual Communities like religious congregations, NGO organisations, study groups and so on, in the new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle have to develop new features – not only looking together towards a common goal, but appreciating each other as cosmic beings!

The Fourth Heaven: The Creative Divine Rainbow is directly connected with the Nine-fold Rainbow Path towards the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. This Heaven contains quite a few deep metaphysical and mystical ideas. Let us not forget however that it also traces the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path towards the New Reality. It is important to develop in much greater detail each Step on the Path. Let me concretise this idea.

The journey on the Path of the Divine Rainbow begins with building the Right Understanding, creating an appropriate style of life and making our Exodus from the restricted material consciousness (Step One, Exodus).  The next Step is an ascent to the celestial world, and a spiritual rebirth as celestial souls (Step Two, The Garden of Paradise, Yesod in Beriah).  The Third Step, The Sacred Mountain, leads to the highest Divine world of the three-fold structure of Creation and to the spiritual Centre of the Universe.  From there we can experience the mystery of Creation and embrace its whole vertical structure.  This Step brings our second rebirth – the complete awakening of our Divine Self (in Tiferet of Beriah). From the highest point, at the Centre of the Universe, we can contemplate all ‘rooms in the Father’s House’ – i.e., the great variety of spiritual worlds which have been revealed by the different religions (Step Four, The Holy City).  Above the highest Divine world is the ‘Throne of God’ in Keter, the Absolute Origin of Being, which is manifested by Metatron.  The Fifth and Sixth Steps are consecrated respectively to the Mysteries of Hokhmah – the active, subjective, masculine Divine principle, and to the Mysteries of Binah – the receptive, objective, feminine Divine principle.  The Celestial Father and the Celestial Mother are in eternal Divine Union which now gives birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The Fifth and the Sixth Steps constitute the climax of the Divine Rainbow and are the culmination of the Rainbow Path.  But, while the Fifth Step crowns the first act of the Drama of transformation of humankind – our ascent to the celestial reality of the Kingdom of God, the Sixth Step opens the second act of this Drama – our descent back to the Earth with the task of bringing the reality of the Kingdom of God down on Earth.  Thus, the Seventh Step of the Divine Rainbow Path is ‘The Transfiguration of the Earth’, while the Eighth Step is ‘Transformation of the Earthly Culture into a Celestial Culture’.  Finally, when we establish our new celestial style of life which bears fruit twelve times a year (Revelation 22:2), we reach the end of the Divine Rainbow, the Ninth Step, and enjoy the New Golden Age in the Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic civilization.

Obviously, each Step on the Path embraces a vast realm of spiritual work and requires a great variety of appropriate methods, techniques and spiritual practices. They could be presented in a  variety of new Posts.

As we can see, even from the possible additional Posts in the first four Heavens, we are definitely at the Dawn of the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle. Later on I will continue with possible additional Posts for the next Heavens in great confidence that the Divine Sun  for the new cosmic cycle is raising and we will live in the coming new reality for a thousands upon thousands of years!

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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