Shannon Nuszen
Missionary Awareness Consultant

“The Destruction of Israel” – a new reality series airing regularly now!

Got popcorn? “The Self-Destruction of Israel” is a new reality series airing regularly now on live broadcasts you can watch worldwide. If you’re a drama-thirsty leftist hater of Israel, you’ll be able to enjoy another episode of this disgusting REALITY airing live next week!

Watch the lives of Israeli’s torn apart, children traumatized, homes demolished, and families left homeless. You won’t see this in any other democracy — only in Israel!

This Monday, Feb 27, the roads to Ofra will close to anybody who does not live in Ofra. Tuesday morning, the 9 homes will be evacuated, and then demolished. The people of Ofra are asking those who are able to come and join them to do so. Just as with previous evacuations, you can watch our police and soldiers carry out homeowners as they beg, cry, and plead with them not to destroy their homes.

Why are we allowing ourselves to become so disgustingly desensitized to this horror? When will it stop? When will our leaders say ENOUGH?!?!?! When will the Jewish people say ENOUGH?!?!?!

Elad Ziv consoles his daughter, who collapsed in tears watching their home demolished in Amona February 2017
Elad Ziv consoles his daughter, who collapsed in tears watching their home demolished in Amona February 2017.     Photo by: Miryam Tzachi
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Shannon Nuszen is a former evangelical missionary, and has spent her entire life studying and analyzing Christian scriptural arguments. Shannon was immersed into the field of religious apologetics as a child by her father, a former "Assemblies of God" minister. Traveling as an evangelist with her father, she learned the inner workings of the evangelical movement, and was exposed to the behind the scenes manipulation and tactics used to convert Jews to Christianity. In the year 2000, Shannon engrossed herself into studying the Christian messianic movement, and was affiliated with some of the most deceptive missionary organizations that have unfortunately penetrated the Jewish world. Her background and history provide Shannon with an intimate knowledge of the Christian missionary agenda and the dangers it poses to the Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora. Over the past fifteen years, Shannon has worked in various roles within the counter-missionary field, but has only recently begun telling about her own journey publicly. Shannon founded Beyneynu in 2020 with a focus on bringing awareness of the missionary agenda to Jewish leadership, and monitoring missionary groups operating in Israel.
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