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The Destructive Legacy of Seyyed Ali’s Regime.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei - The Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi / Picture of Iranian social media. Free for any platforms.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei has been sitting in a chair for 35 years (6 August 1989), unaccountable to anyone, any place, or any law. These 35 dark years in Iran’s history are akin to the 37-year reign of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar (17 June 1797 – 23 October 1834). Seyyed Ali’s ignorance, mental superstitions, lies, rotten thinking, and foolishness have led to the decline and ruin of Iran and the region. Seyyed Ali is not worried about historical judgment regarding himself, Khomeini, and the disastrous Islamic government that has brought nothing but misery, poverty, oppression, slaughter, crime, destruction, and insecurity to Iranians.

The savage mullah regime, the more they publish false propaganda against the Pahlavi, the more it backfires among the Iranian people, especially the younger generation, who are becoming more enchanted by the name Pahlavi, and living in an era similar to Pahlavi has become an unattainable dream.

During Seyyed Ali’s era, Iran has become a poor and devastated country with a destroyed economy, environment, industry, and agriculture, and the country is in free fall into the abyss of destruction. A catastrophe has occurred in Iran and a great terror has overtaken the entire sky of Iran, and likely a bloodbath will follow his death. Thousands of families in Iran have become hopeless and sorrowful, whether those who lost their children needlessly in the devastating war of the mullahs with Saddam Hussein or the thousands of families who lost their young ones and children in the national uprising of 18-19 against despotism and mullah savagery. Just to solidify their power base, they dragged innocent, defenseless, and unarmed Iranian children through blood and dirt and sent them to graveyards, while the world was just a passive observer.

Of course, in his lifetime, Seyyed Ali has said only one correct sentence, which was during his election when he said: ‘The nation that elects me as a leader should weep!‘ And the history of Iran has kept 35 years of his betrayal and crimes in the hearts of the people. The young, brave, and intelligent generation weeps that Seyyed Ali is the leader of a group of thugs, criminals, murderers, mercenaries, and thieves. The name of Iran, the national pride of Iran, the identity and dignity of Iran have been destroyed, and he is called Zahhak (The Snake Shoulder; an evil figure in Persian Mythology) in the demonstrations, which in Iranian literature means bloodsucker. Iran is living in an era of murderers.

Seyyed Ali, a stubborn, delusional, self-important, incompetent, spiteful, and cowardly individual who, because of the atomic bomb and prolonging the life of the Shiite Islamic caliphate, has wasted thousands of billions of dollars of Iran’s wealth. The people of Iran live in poverty and darkness because of severe repression. Bloodsucking, corrupt, thieving mullahs have become an obstacle to the country’s progress and development. He treats the people of Iran like slaves. Living in Iran today is humiliating.

Many of the country’s talents and brains, skilled and specialized forces, have fled Iran, and still, hundreds are imprisoned. The Iranian society is facing many hardships that even years after a regime change, this bitter story continues. Just like that moment when the world rose to fight the coronavirus with science and knowledge, but the criminal commander of the Revolutionary Guards wanted to eliminate the coronavirus with the lid of a pot and became the laughingstock of the entire world.

The people of Iran will never forgive the evil institution of the mullahs – religious octopus- for being complicit with these criminals. Mullahs are now the most despised segment of Iranian society and have no future in Iran after the regime collapses. The first victim of the Islamic Republic after the collapse will be Islam itself. Every time the people came to the streets peacefully, Seyyed Ali’s murderous agents butchered the people, beat them, blinded them, imprisoned them, raped them, killed them, and sent them to graveyards. Iran has turned into a hellish prison and cage.

Because of spite and delusion, Iran has been involved in a war without cause and reason, which except for destruction and ruin, the terrorist corps of Ali has not benefited anywhere.
Seyyed Ali’s backward ideology and the stench of Shiite fundamentalism have turned him into a servant of Russia, but he fights with the West, America, and Israel.

Seyyed Ali, 85 years old, has a tyrannical and bloody government. He is thinking of replacing himself with his son, Mojtaba Khamenei, who will also kill and stay in power and leave a darker record than Seyyed Ali, but there is no vision for the future of Iran with Seyyed Ali’s presence, and the country is at risk of complete collapse at any moment. But the people are longing for Seyyed Ali, the infamous, counting the days for his death. For 35 years, he has had a record of nothing but suppression, bloodshed, and crime. The dark era of 45 years of religious despotism in Iran is a dark chapter in the history of this country.

But the chance for the people of Iran is that the government again commits mistakes, and the foundations of Seyyed Ali’s government are severely shaky, and the situation of his government is bad. Again, he has clashed with the women and girls of Iran, and there is potential for another spark within Iranian society at any moment. The mullah’s regime is not always lucky.

In the recent 6-month incident, whether in inciting Hamas to attack Israel or in firing missiles towards Israel, the regime of Seyyed Ali has been exposed to the world, his regime has been stripped, and in practice, Seyyed Ali has been weighed and proven to be a paper tiger for the whole world. And today, in the same insolence and vulgarity, he calls himself the victor of the field. Seyyed Ali has increased pressures on Iranian society, and Iran is pregnant with serious incidents that may lead the society towards a national uprising.

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Erfan Fard is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, Counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and Ethnic conflicts in MENA. \He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA), and is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. Follow him in this twitter account @EQFARD
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