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The dozen-plus holes in Kavanaugh’s testimony listed

Present-time arrogance is not a good or irrelevant trait
Present-time arrogance is not a good or irrelevant trait

No one, after Christine Ford’s testimony, said that it was implausible. Even Tromp one time called it credible. But Brett Kavanaugh’s words are questioned over and over again.

There are now so many holes in his testimony that one wonders why the FBI needs to investigate anything. For an overview, here we go:

  • As I mentioned before, tired, at the end of the Senate hearing, he said repeatedly that there were three witnesses who declared that he wasn’t there. Obviously, he should be asked where “there” is because his drinking buddy Mark Judge was there. (How else could he state that Brett wasn’t?!) If he really wasn’t at the party, he would have said: I was not at such a party. But he said: I wasn’t there. This is equal to someone who says that he wasn’t at the crime scene while no one has said yet where the crime took place.
  • He never passed out, never could not remember the next day what happened and throwing up was from a weak stomach for food. He may have had too many drinks but wasn’t too much into alcohol, or otherwise, he couldn’t have been so good at sports and studying (and going to church). Many of his drink buddies call that a mischaracterization – under oath. He said that his drinking was not a problem as he was 18 already, which was the age limit. But in fact, he wasn’t yet 18 and the limit was 21! The problem is not that he over-drank as a student but that he now lies about it.
  • Boofing is farting, he declared under oath. This, no one on the Internet knew. Everyone knew that that means taking in alcohol through the anus. (From there, it bypasses the detoxicating liver and goes directly into your general circulation – so dangerous.) He did it so badly that he almost died. From fluctuation? He suggests that an editor may have changed his yearbook entry or that he was exaggerating to impress. Sure.
  • He played the devil’s triangle. Under oath, he declared that to be a drinking game he played. That, no one ever heard of. The while Internet tells you it is two men having sex at the same time with one woman. (The non-devil’s triangle is one man with two women.) Exactly, what Dr. Ford accuses him of.
  • There is a video clip in which himself he blatantly says that it’s a good rule for all involved that what happened in that law school stays in that school. The obvious question is: what did he refer to? Probably not to: staying a virgin, drinking moderately and church going. There is now a call for former classmates to come forward.
  • He exploded in anger to the point of tearing at the beginning of his hearing. Not because he got tired but as a deliberate strategy for answering the allegations. There is a big difference between righteous indignation and violent anger. The former doesn’t scare. He will not go anywhere. In other words: he doesn’t take no for an answer. Exactly what he’s accused of. One would want a top judge (any job applicant) with a more contemplative temperament and being less aggressive. Even if he didn’t do what he’s accused of.
  • He painted himself as a choirboy which many classmates call a mischaracterization. Especially when drunk, he was reportedly aggressive to boys and sexually violent towards girls.
  • He avoided answering many direct questions and resorted then to rattling off memorized accounts. This got across as very dishonest. He even replied to a Senator: I never blacked out – did you? This is awful defendant behavior. (Since the senator happened to be a child of an ex-alcoholic, this was especially painful.)
  • He often gave long-winding answers to straight questions. (Compare Ford who often answered “Exactly,” “Precisely,” “Yes.”)
  • He attacked the Democrats for plotting a conspiracy against him. This should not be overlooked. This is no logical train of thought. He trashes all the Democrats’ questions at the previous hearings, which is of course an overstatement but also shows that he has no distance or appreciation for their criticalness. Such a polemic person should not be a judge in the country’s the top court. In the previous hearings, he tried to portray himself as politically impartial and just doing his job neutrally. So that was false too. To say (scream) when accused that others did him in is not a denial! And, new proof is in that actually he was plotting!
  • He claimed under oath that accusations against him mean that his record and his family’s record has been soiled forever. That is ridiculous. If he gets cleared, the accusations amount to nothing. Only if he fails to clear his name or there would be a cover-up, he would come out damaged. So he admits the accusations here too?
  • He yelled that these accusations will haunt the country for decades to come because all good men will get dragged through the mud in the same way. He assumes that all men have skeletons in their cupboards? Let him speak for himself! President Bush was not accused of this. Bernie Sanders neither. Nor VP Pence. Not all people have this battle.
  • He lied under oath that he only got into Yale only because of his hard work, that he had no prior relationships there. That was easy to disprove. He grandfather went to Yale. This is no longer lying; this is being a fraud. Applying for the Supreme Court!
  • His demeanor was completely different from the one in the FOX interview just days prior. At least one of the two must be false. I suggest: both. In the TV interview he played choirboy, in the Senate interview he played the injured party. They both cover up the truth as he knows it.
  • If Kavanaugh would be innocent, he would have insisted on a most thorough FBI investigation to clear his name. If affirmed without such, he’d seem guilty. Yet, he did not insist. What other reason could there be for that but that he knows that that he’s lying?
  • From so many of the above points, it’s clear that he was lying under oath repeatedly. Perjury is a serious offense and should disqualify anyone in a job interview for any judicial position.

There are only two options: a cover-up or a disqualification. Any street-wise person and many less clever people see straight through his poses.

Dr. Ford and her co-accusers, Senator Flake and Brett’s classmates who went public all deserve lots of credit. Even if the farce will be with him.

But even if he doesn’t make it to the Supreme Court (as this might point out), the scandal is there that a sitting judge can be almost as untruthful as the current US President. (Almost. As President Trump lies because he doesn’t care about truthfulness. Honesty is for wimps. But Kavanaugh lies constantly to stay ahead of what he perceives as his enemies.)

One gift suggestion for him (and for everyone everywhere):

I got nominated for the Supreme Court
but all I got was this lousy T-shirt
and jail time for perjury.

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