Grant Arthur Gochin

The enemy within

In Lithuania, on March 5, 2019, a Holocaust distortion trial will re-open. The Lithuanian state actively engages in Holocaust distortion, and in my capacity as a Lithuanian citizen, I continue to confront the State. For almost a decade, I have pleaded with Lithuanian officials to tell the truth, I have appealed to the Public Prosecutor to charge those actively engaged in Holocaust fraud with criminal charges, I have litigated against various government departments, and now, finally, I am suing the government as a last resort. The world knows the facts, it is only the Lithuanian state who actively, deliberately and forcefully deceives their own people.

The evidence remains voluminous and undeniable. Only those who support Nazis, Collaborators, or have an ideological agenda which lionizes Holocaust perpetrators, deny the facts.

One month prior to the re-opening of the trial, on February 5, 2019, the Lithuanian State Security Department together with the Lithuanian Defense Ministry’s Intelligence and Counterintelligence Department, issued an official statement on the subject in their 2019 National Threat Assessment Report to the Lithuanian Parliament. They wrote: “Russian officials and subordinate propagandists seek to shape the attitude that only Nazi collaborators and Holocaust-complicit criminals supported the resistance against the Soviet occupation. To compromise the Lithuanian resistance the Kremlin cynically manipulates the Holocaust tragedy to achieve the goals of its history policy.”

Truth has become a national threat to the State. This is Orwellian. Anyone that seeks to tell the truth becomes labeled as a Russian official, or a subordinate of Russia, and therefore truth becomes the enemy of the state, and those who speak the truth are the enemy of the State.

I do not know a single Russian. I have no contact with Russia, I am simply a Jew whose relatives were murdered by a Lithuanian Nazi collaborator. I continue to ask the Lithuanian state to tell the truth, a concept evidently unfamiliar to them.

The Lithuanian government is seemingly no longer able to distinguish between legitimate threats to the State, and the threats against their false ideology. As a member of NATO, Americans are required by treaty to defend Lithuania against their enemies. Lithuania has now identified truth as a threat to the nation. Could this possibly be what NATO requires us to defend?

The days of subservient, and compliant Jews, who were forced to bow our heads, hoping that more severe punishment would not befall us, are long gone. We will not tolerate lies about the Holocaust. 220,000 murdered Jews lie in Lithuanian death pits, they, along with their families, deserve the truth. To the Lithuanian Government, the truth has become a national threat. If Lithuania cannot face the truth, this is no longer a “Jewish problem”, but rather, a “Lithuanian problem.”

Many people remember that during the anti Apartheid struggle in South Africa, people of conscience were also labelled “enemies of the State” and “national threats.” After the collapse of the evil Apartheid system, those formally identified as enemies of the State were recognized as heroes of the nation. In today’s era of easy access to information, defending the indefensible is no longer possible. If moral people do not insist that truth is told, the cycle of violence and genocide will never end.

When the Lithuanian State Security Department together with the Lithuanian Defense Ministry’s Intelligence and Counterintelligence Department have identified truth as a national threat, there is no possibility of an objective trial in Lithuania. The decision in the March trial has now become a foregone conclusion. It will take a trial in the European Courts to expose Lithuania’s Holocaust fraud and their paranoid and ludicrous assertions that telling the truth about the Holocaust is a threat to the nation.

Currently, the Lithuanian Government remains intent on creating an international absurdity of its ideology. The constant dissembling of facts and outright lies issued by their Embassies around the world destroy the credibility of the nation. Unfortunately, it is the moral people of Lithuania that will suffer the public ridicule and shame of what their government does in their name. One must ask, who is the genuine threat to Lithuania, the truth or their own government?

About the Author
Grant Arthur Gochin currently serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Togo. He is the Emeritus Special Envoy for Diaspora Affairs for the African Union, which represents the fifty-five African nations, and Emeritus Vice Dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the second largest Consular Corps in the world. Gochin is actively involved in Jewish affairs, focusing on historical justice. He has spent the past twenty five years documenting and restoring signs of Jewish life in Lithuania. He has served as the Chair of the Maceva Project in Lithuania, which mapped / inventoried / documented / restored over fifty abandoned and neglected Jewish cemeteries. Gochin is the author of “Malice, Murder and Manipulation”, published in 2013. His book documents his family history of oppression in Lithuania. He is presently working on a project to expose the current Holocaust revisionism within the Lithuanian government. He is Chief of the Village of Babade in Togo, an honor granted for his philanthropic work. Professionally, Gochin is a Certified Financial Planner and practices as a Wealth Advisor in California, where he lives with his family. Personal site:
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