Samantha Blake Alpert
Samantha Blake Alpert

The Fashionable Bike Riders of FIT

Bicyclist Urban chic fashion

The high celebratory energy from parades , protests and group fitness like FIT will uplift your spirits and give you a feeling of inclusion during the Corona Lows.

This group gathers every Friday to run a bike circuit around TLV , and there bicyclist fashion is on point!

Love this girl’s crybaby do-wop tie-bra and botanic tatoo’s , her red lipstick , dressing for the occasion despite the intense fitness . Her smile say’s it all excercise will do you wonders.
Love their 90’s skatergirl look , with the highwaisted shorts ,knee high socks , and hairbow. His cheackerboard top , velcro sneakers and backwards hat are also so emblematic of that time period. Love the retro look.
Ziv Baharal , a vegan activist waitor turned fashion model , was seen atop this angel sculpture with a smiling girl . He’s a good friend from the last article I wrote “I left Quarantine to join a Hippie Communa.” He’s quite a Gent. You can follow his Insta at @ ziv_baharal .
Love the 90’s look. The Self Love t-shirt with flannel sleeves. The thick 90’s belt. The tight yet flexible jeans.
Love these Batik , high top multicolored vans .
I’m not sure how this girl rode a bike with these pointed beauties , yet it’s a look.
Love their outsider’s look.
Love this guys cute nerdy spiderman mask look.
Further Down at Charles Clore beach this beautiful stranger as was saving plastic from the ocean . I wrote : I feel Like I’m in heaven the tide is sweeping everyone’s feet like a girl I run away from the splashing tide , at just the right time a dog , runs underneath my feet to lessen my frustration this sweet average guy in all grey of his own accord is picking up plastic refuse : a bright matte red warning sign slips out of his bag , he’s slowly squeezing water from a coconut,. I told him ,” your like jesus.” He responded with ,” I have this black stuff all over my hands ,” pressing his thumb and forefinger together. Ah Tar , I think to myself . as he continues humbly .
A street Busker musician , I’m not sure of his name though he is pretty decent and can carry a tune.
Myself Biking through Neve Tzedek where I hope to relocate. I feel this this style of biking is more romantic french urban chic’. My scarf always reminds me of somethign worn to an Opera , which is fitting as the Suzan Dallal center is close by and the architecture is like biking through a videgame or site-specific sculpture.

If your interested in joining this is their fb:

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