Mordechai Rose
Author of works on classical Jewish thought

The fate of orthodox Jewry in the UK hangs in the balance

The British Government has introduced a new set of rules for independent religious schools which may lead to the imminent closure of 38% of all private Jewish schools in the UK. The future of orthodox Jewry in England is under threat.

Faith schools can now be closed down unless they teach that scientific evidence indicates that G-d did not create the world.

They can be closed down unless they teach that same-sex relationships are an equally valid lifestyle as conventional relationships.

The Government inspectors insist on questioning the schoolchildren on their own. They ask age-inappropriate questions about intimate relationships. This has traumatised some of the children.

The Government itself has clearly stated that their demands cannot be met by the more religious schools. They predict that many private faith schools will be forcibly closed down. They acknowledge that this will often be against the wishes of the parents and the children themselves. They claim that they have the legal obligation to remove these children from narrow-minded religious schools and give them an education that prepares them for modern British society.

Please click on the following link to read an in-depth article which brings proven facts linked to their source on Government websites or national newspapers. They show irrefutably that gravity of the threat facing orthodox Jewry in the UK at this present time. THE CRISIS FACING JEWISH SCHOOLS IN THE UK.

The article has been approved by the Rabbinical leadership of the UK. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who might be interested.



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