Shia Getter

The Fight to Get it Right

At the Getter Group, we’ve seen so many real estate transactions. And so, as a result of that experience, we always know exactly what we have to look for.

And that’s why our ‘routine’ inspection is most definitely not routine but completely thorough, because we know what to look for. That can and will save you from countless buyer mistakes in so many ways.

We’ve seen it all by now, so we know that you have to go into a transaction with your eyes open. There’s so many things to check out. There’s the building standard, so you aren’t paying for sub-quality construction. Or making sure to uncover any hidden costs that might be lurking in the deal, so they won’t show up after you’ve signed and it’s too late.

You have to find out exactly what’s in the spec, so you don’t think you’re buying something you’re not. And it involves examining all the registration and legal papers to make sure there’s no old debt on your apartment, and that your renovation plans are feasible and do-able, both legally and practically.

Here’s why it can be so complex and why we have to be so vigilant. There at least nine separate professionals involved in a real estate purchase. And what’s more, there are hundreds of—very important—details that can fall through the cracks. We make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s why having a buyer’s broker is your strong advantage here. And—you can ask the Getter Group’s clients—it is quite empowering. They will tell you exactly how much they were empowered in situations like this and why came out on top and happy.

The Getter Groups buyer’s broker service helps you find your perfect home. We’ll make the entire process smooth and easy for you. We’ll manage the details. Most important: we’ll protect you from anyone who thinks they could trick an unsuspecting foreign buyer.

Our clients get to take advantage of Getter Groups’ broad experience, top-notch professional connections, and great market research. We’ll handpick the right property for you, for your needs and lifestyle. We know which lawyers have the highest success rate in negotiating their clients’ best deals.

When you need a mortgage, you’ll benefit from our exclusive contacts with banks and mortgage experts who will structure the best plan for you and negotiate the best deal for you.

Having the most experienced buyer’s brokerage is the best insurance investment you can make in your home investment. You’ll be happy. And empowered.

And you’ll be home soon.

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About the Author
Shia Getter is known in Israeli real estate circles for “the man with common sense.” Having moved to Israel 12 years ago, Shia understands what rough experiences many people not used to the local ways of doing business can get entangled with. His company, the Getter Group, is Jerusalem’s #1 sales and brokerage services company, and trusted source of information, ensuring clients get the right investment, covering their bases and checking that they are getting full value and security for their hard earned money.
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