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The Friday Prayer Imam: A Corrupt Thief

Kazem Sedighi, and Khamenei / Picture of Khamenei's website / Free for all platforms.

The list of Tehran’s Friday Prayer Imams appointed after the Khomeinist Revolt of 1979 includes both permanent and temporary positions. The current permanent Imam is Ali Khamenei, who also has the authority to appoint temporary Imams. Ahmad Khatami, Kazem Seddiqi, Ali Movahedi-Kermani, Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi Fard, and Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari currently serve as temporary Imams. Factually speaking, they are considered by many as criminals and notorious figures.

It might initially seem impossible to sift through the annals of history to uncover the myriad of crimes and malevolence perpetrated by the religious mullahs’ octopus in Iran. Criminals, villains, murderers, traitors, thieves, and liars have declared themselves as representatives of God on Earth. Furthermore, they concocted the fictional narrative of the Imam Mahdi, turned it into an action-packed saga, attached thousands of lies to it, and declared themselves as representatives of this imaginary figure on Earth. Khomeini, in his 1969 work “Velayat-e Faqih,” advocated for mullahs to assume governance.

For over 523 years, mullahs have claimed that power and dominion were trusts held by the kings of their times. Yet, post-1979, they asserted ownership over power until the supposed appearance of that fictional character, indicating their governance as eternal.

During Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi‘s era, when SAVAK learned that mullahs in mosques and their terror network falsely accused the Shah of corruption, it endeavored to unveil the truth. Many mullahs engaged in sexual acts with SAVAK’s Red Sparrows, and these recordings reached the Shah, who then prevented their widespread dissemination.

Later, due to their brazenness and malevolence, the mullahs promptly accused SAVAK of attempting to defame them, alleging opposition to religion, God, and the Prophet. However, upon seizing power, Khomeini proclaimed the establishment of God’s government on Earth, ironically founding the most corrupt, bloodthirsty, and infamous divine government known.

Over 45 years, these corrupt criminals, self-proclaimed as God’s government, killed thousands to maintain their rule. The seminaries, infamous for promoting ignorance, mass-produced criminals, forgers, thieves, murderers, and looters, integrating them into Iranian society. All efforts by Reza Shah the Great to eradicate this malignant mullahs’ octopus were rendered futile.

The recent scandal involving Kazem Seddiqi revealed him as part of a land-grabbing, Embezzlement, and thieving mafia, necessitating appreciation for the whistleblower of this corrupt, deceitful Ayatollah’s crimes. Initially, when accused of corruption and theft, he denied the allegations, dismissing them as media slander. Yet, this individual, once heading the society’s morality police, was found to be a garden and land thief.

Kazem Sedighi / Picture of Iranian social media. Free for all platforms.

In Friday prayers, Kazem Seddiqi wept, exalting Khamenei and Raisi to divine status and attributing their actions to God. Kazem Seddiqi, epitomizing fraud, embezzlement, hypocrisy, and deceit, evidently lacks faith in God but invites society to embrace superstitions and fantasies. Mullahs prefer a dormant society, devoid of thought, while they indulge in all forms of crime and betrayal behind the scenes.

The Iranian youth rightfully question if such are the representatives of God and the fictitious Imam Mahdi, logically deducing the fake Mahdi as an incredibly malevolent entity. The extent of crimes committed by a thief, formerly a judge, remains undisclosed.

Upon the revelation of his corruption, this so-called divine representative, claiming to don the Prophet of Islam’s mantle, initially alleged forgery of his signature, later feigned ignorance, then labeled it a malicious rumor, becoming indignant and shedding tears. Evidently, lying is a mullah’s forte.

During the national movement against Khamenei’s despotism in Iran, this mullah claimed protesters seeking freedom wished for corruption, blurring the lines between reformists and conservatives in terms of crime and corruption. Khatami seized Manouchehr Eghbal’s palace, treating the populace as naïve and feigning victimhood.

Khamenei occasionally wished this deceitful, thieving individual to mourn for him alone. Today, in the same vein of wickedness, Kazem Seddiqi announced his resignation to purportedly spare the people’s religion and faith. Essentially, charlatans seek adoration, but Iranian society remains alert.

The younger generation in Iran has discerned the mullah’s proclamation that “This world is worthless, and suffering and death are necessary” as mere fallacies, recognizing no other fantastical world likely to offer pleasure. They have come to realize that these so-called men of God are nothing but infamous, corrupt villains. Public anger towards corruption in the Iranian regime appears to be diminishing. However, Theocracy’s Tarnish Unravels the Corruption within Iran’s Religious Ranks.

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