The Friend Zone

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There is nothing worse (I can imagine) for a guy who likes a girl, to be told he is “too good a friend” for something more to happen. Darling, you have been ‘friend zoned,’ or so they say.

But hold on a minute, where did the whole friend zone thing even come from? Who started this? I can probably guess it started back in the day when a guy and girl were friends. She was Mila Kunis hot whilst he was a tad Shrek look alike and when he told her he liked her, she said “I cannot imagine my life without you and I know if we have a relationship and it doesn’t work out, I will be without you and I couldn’t possibly live such a life!”

Oh the dramatics!

Anyway, after discussing this subject with some friends (male and female) we then came to the conclusion that none of us know a girl that has been ‘friend zoned!’

Hold on, so is it only guys who get friend zoned?

So it started by a guy who got rejected. It is a male invention, because let’s be real here, for women it is called something else and I think that is called, ‘friendship?’

There is no zone. There is however, reality.

In my experiences, both personally and close friends of mine, there’s two possibilities when a girl says you’re too good of a friend. Either she’s lying (which is the case about 95% of the time) so she doesn’t hurt your feelings, or she’s actually being honest. Look, trust me, I know that sounds crazy. A woman actually being honest about her feelings? Only when she’s rejecting someone, I suppose.

I have to say, what I think it comes down to, is men now fear that rejection. These romantically challenged guys use their rejection from the past to now not make a move. They will wait around and pine for a girl and wait for the girl to give a sign she is interested. Guys, wake the hell up! Either let us know you are interested and we can see if it is mutual or be our friend! Don’t wait for us because we may think you only like us as a friend and then when we meet someone else, only then will you tell us how you truly feel and it will be too late. Don’t sit in silence and then, when it does not go your way, you blame us!

So, for the future people – if you like someone, tell them.
Do not fear rejection. It is a way of life, and even if you do get rejected it isn’t the end of the world. You will find your perfect match one day.
But who knows, you may not get rejected and live a beautiful blissful life away from zones 🙂

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