The Gaza Delusion

The Palestinian people deserve to live in peace alongside the Israelis. There is no place for terrorism in the modern world. The Palestinian people need to understand this, and I’m sure many of them do. There is a potential for change and there is hope for a better life in Gaza, but first Hamas has got to go.

Picture yourself on vacation in the white sandy beaches of some tropical island. The clear waters of the still ocean trickle between your toes as you lay perched on your folding beach chair. A warm breeze tickles your nose and you can hear some local play the ukulele while chanting a hymn in his native tongue. You know nothing but peace…

Got your attention? Good. Now imagine yourself in the exact opposite situation and let me be the first to welcome you…to the Gaza Strip! You may still hear the trickling waters between your toes but that´s only because you got a busted pipe and your drain overflowed. You might hear the chanting of local hymns but those are just the Hamas terrorists reciting their prayers as they work on the tunnel they are excavating underneath your home.

Your life is crappy to say the least, and you have done nothing to deserve it. As a matter of fact, you know who is at fault: Those dudes that pretended to be nice and gave you their land nine years ago! It makes perfect sense! I mean, yeah, they left you the full potential to start up a thriving economy along with an army of greenhouses that would promise healthy agricultural growth. They supplied you with clean water and electricity, as well as political support and a strong base on which to grow a democracy. Heck, you even remember a bunch of countries talking about making Gaza the Singapore of the Middle East. Where did these dreams go to die? What could these Zionists tricksters have done to destroy all of your hopes and expectations? And why does your “elected” leader live in Qatar with an estimated personal wealth of $2.5 Billion while you suffer in the slums of Gaza?

There is a common delusion that pervades throughout the nations of the world regarding the Middle East. It seems harmless and mild at plain sight, but once we see the results that stem from actions based on said delusion, we see commonalities between it and a virus: It is harmful, it mutates to survive, and it spreads like wildfire. I call it the “Gaza Delusion”, and although its namesake is the subject of this analysis, the delirium is not limited to this debacle alone. Let me give a short description of how the delusion works:

It starts with power, money, and land. If you got the three, then you’re set. So if there’s a problem in the Middle East, what are you supposed to do? Well, you can start by giving away land. Throw in a few billion dollars from international support, and empower a select number of religious leaders. What could possibly go wrong?

Wait, what? It didn’t work out as planned? Not a problem. Throw in a little more land, give a little more money, maybe put some more fanatics in the government and now it will work for sure.

We are treating a modern disease with ancient medicine and we are not analyzing the results. The more we give without considering the consequences, the more harm we cause. The more money we hand out to the terrorist governments, the more means they will have to mutate and improve their efforts. If we keep allowing religious fanatics to rule the people of Gaza, we will continue to see militant Islam spread like wildfire.

The main reason why history repeats itself isn’t because we don’t learn from it, but rather because we are vain enough to think that we can try the same tricks again and again, and obtain different results.

Enough. There is a solution, but not with this archaic methodology.

I don’t claim to have the answer to this riddle but I can promise that we are looking at it from the wrong angle. We need to change the way that we approach the problem. Both sides do, and in doing so we just might be able to get rid of the tunnels, the rockets and maybe even fix that busted pipe that’s flooding your house.



About the Author
Eitan Lukin is an American-Israeli who enjoys thinking about things. He served in the IDF from 2009-2012 in the Armored Corps and is studying electrical engineering at the Technion in Israel.
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