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The genocide has begun

When I first read the Hamas charter's call for the murder of all Jews, I shrugged it off as political rhetoric. I now believe them.

There was a time where I believed that there was evil, but it was tamed by basic humanity. There was a time that I believed that all men were created in the image of G-d and that no man was superior to another. There was a time that I believed that the Holocaust was an anomaly, a glitch in the matrix, a one-time event, as horrific as it was, never to be repeated. I believed in the slogan Never Again! After the genocidal Arab-Nazi attack on Jews this week, my belief has been shattered.

Years before I was born, Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote a book called Never Again. On the first page of the book, he wrote “It was ignored when American Jews stood silent during the Nazi Holocaust. It was ignored when Jews tried to strip away their ethnic identity in order to become ‘real Americans.’ It is still ignored every time Jewish liberal choose to champion every cause except that of their own people…When Jews in the suburbs scorn Jews in the slums…When Jews condemn other Jews for trying to protect their lives and property from ghetto violence…When American Jewish youngsters have to ask who they are…When we are told Israel is an ‘Imperialist aggressor’…No power on earth can stop a truth whose time has come…”
With all the words already written about the genocidal monsters that attacked and massacred innocent Jewish men, women and babies, we understand two things; This attack was not an effort to “free Palestine” whatever that means, nor was it a political message. This was a pogrom, designed and executed for the sole purpose of murdering Jews.

Some are arguing that there was just cause for this genocidal attack, that Israel has been abusing Gaza and this was retribution. While it is true, Israel is tough in the way they operate in respects to protecting their State from internal and external threats, and even if the claims that Isarel abuses the people of Gaza were true, which they are not, none of the political arguments, none of the pandering to the leftist crowd, none of the ‘Israel started it’ justifies the indiscriminate murder of over 1200 innocent men, women and children. None of Israel’s so-called crimes justifies the bombing of ambulances and murdering of medics, the beheading of Jewish babies (40 found so far) or the burning of women and children alive.

None of it justifies taking senile Jewish elderly people and Jewish children as hostages. None of it justifies putting Jewish children into cages or throwing them in pits or pushing them into the middle of a crowd of Arab children to jeer at them, spit on them, punch them and hit them with sticks. Nothing Isarel has done justifies torturing Jewish people in the middle of the street. The number of dead will not equal the Holocaust, but the brutality and inhumanity matches and might even exceed it.

I can’t help but think of testimonials aired on international media, a woman who cried that she was a Palestinian supporter and a volunteer that helped transport Palestinians from Gaza to Israeli hospitals for treatment. A father who told the harrowing story of his 8-year-old daughter who was on her first sleep over when the attacks happened and the joy he felt when he was informed that she was found dead. Imagine, a father celebrating his daughter’s death, knowing that if she had survived, she would either be raped and tortured by the evil mob or kidnapped and held hostage in a dank dark cellar. He said she was better off dead than experiencing any of that.

And for those Jews who supported Black Lives Matters during the whole George Floyd inspired ‘let’s destroy America’ summer tour; For those who raised money for them, who donated to them, who fought and argued their worth, who castigated anyone speaking against them. Today, BLM came out in clear and full support of Hamas. In support of murdering babies, in support of committing genocide against the Jewish people.

The thousands of “people” who took to the streets in support of Hamas should be arrested and tried for supporting war crimes. It is extremely scary to think that these “people” occupy the same space in the world as humane, normal people who do not celebrate death and murder.

Right before his death, Rabbi Meir Kahane had planned to open a museum called The Museum of the Potential Holocaust, where he intended to prove that at any moment, a Holocaust against the Jews could be started and perpetrated in the Americas. Not long after his assassination, I had a chance to tour the completed museum in his former political headquarters. It was scary and as a young man, I shrugged it off as a fantastical fantasy. Anyone can build a narrative about anything by throwing together news coverage and piecing together select stories to back it up…

When I first read Hamas’ charter which calls for the murder of Jews everywhere they live, I shrugged it off as political rhetoric. I now believe them wholeheartedly.
This week, I saw that Kahane’s prediction was right. That a Jewish Holocaust could happen again, anywhere in the world. In Sydney Australia, Hamas supporters were chanting “gas the Jews”. In New York, Hamas supporters were holding up swastikas. They told us and continue to tell us who they are, while we were hesitant to believe them, 1200 dead Jews and 40+ decapitated babies drives home the point, and the people of Gaza handing out candies in celebration makes it extremely difficult for me to muster up any empathy for anyone living in the land.

So yes, call me what you want, but if you stand with Hamas, you stand with Nazism, you stand with supporting genocide. Shame on anyone who ever supported BLM, shame on the world for allowing them to exist.

I don’t know how humanity moves on while monsters still roam the earth. I pray that Israel is successful in eradicating the enemy from our world and join everyone around the world in waiting with bated breath for the day that evil ceases to exist.

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