Mikhail Ratynsky
Mikhail Ratynsky

The goal should be achieved

Many great achievements started from ideas, which metamorphosed from a preliminary stage to a tangible product. The body undergoes a transition, whether losing weight or achieving maximum physical capacity. This can be called a process which at first glance is deemed to be easily achievable. Nevertheless, the major impediment that most people encounter on the route to change, is the exponential loss of motivation. As a result, the prospects of achieving one’s initial goal are irreversibly lost.

Motivation and essential instruments as a passport to your success should be utilized correctly. In order to illustrate this idea, motivation will be compared to fire. To retain this fire, wood must be added in a manner corresponding to the height of its flames. If not, all wood will be reduced to ash and thus motivation will be extinguished. To summarize, there are some instruments such as video clips, workshops, and seminars, which one must use to be motivated.

Other aspects which must be considered regarding motivation are knowledge and methodology. Knowledge stands you in good stead as concerns one’s health and offers a smooth transformation from a mere desire to a realized outcome. Whereas, the methodology allows an individual to stride quicker to one’s final objective.

Therefore, these two factors must be taken into account in order to succeed.

To recapitulate, once conceived, a desire should be regarded as a physical entity and must be fed by motivation, treated with knowledge as well as be approached methodically so as to become a physical asset. This is best described by the quote: “From the idea to the result, by the agency of a method”; supplemented by the motivation that should not be forgotten as it is an intrinsic part of a healthy lifestyle.

N.B. People usually tend to defer their efforts to their best days and times, but in turn, their best days won’t ensue until a person makes such efforts. Ergo, the best advice, by me as a trainer, is to be aware of this trap and to not fall prey to it.

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Originally, Mikhail is from Russia but was born in Moskow. He spent his childhood in the northmost part of Russia. In his late teens, he became passionate about sport, especially, physical appearance and muscle strength.
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