The Healing Global Silent Minute

Tikkun olan, the healing of the world, transcends words.

Invisible, contemplative action is most effective. Silent cooperation makes the difference: wordless thought can heal, for a generous purpose does not need to make noise.

On Friday, 28 February 2020, there will be one more healing and purifying force on our planet, as people around the world unite hearts and minds in the event called “A Healing Global Silent Minute”.

Humanity faces challenges. The power of sane ideas is great.

“There is a growing concern daily about the potential of a pandemic”, say the organizers.

And one might add: it is nigh time to act and to focus the collective intention of good-willing people on a causal, contemplative level of reality.

Dot Maver writes:

“We will hold a Global Silent Minute at the synchronised time calibrated to 9 pm GMT, followed by a Healing Meditation.”

“Our purpose with this Healing Meditation immediately after the Global Silent Minute, is to call on those around the world and across the veil to mobilise our intent to restore the planetary health and well-being of its inhabitants. Wellesley Tudor Pole acknowledged the immense healing power inherent in complete relaxation, silence and stillness. This is the space in which we will experience our Healing Meditation.”

The idea of the Silent Minute is not quite new.  It was first conceived on the eve of a battle in the mountains around Jerusalem, in the First World War.

The original practice of a Silent Minute took place in London in 1940, during the Second World War. Wellesley Tudor Pole inspired it.  He later endorsed another initiative, launched in the 1950’s: “The Healing Minute – A Call to Action”. [1]

Although in 2020 the short term challenges are different and much quicker than the previous ones, the long-term intention is the same: to gradually eliminate the causes of unnecessary suffering.  While the victory of mankind is certain, the costs to pay for it are still unknown.

Wendy Thompson, Caroline Glazebrook and Dot Maver are among the organizers of the Healing Global Silent Minute of 28 February, 9 pm GMT.


[1] Read the article “History of the Silent Minute”.

See “Meditation on the Awakening of Mankind”, “The Power to Change the World”, “The Center of Pascal’s Sphere” and “A Lever to Move the World”.

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