The hijacking of liberalism in America

Liberalism was founded on the principle that a government’s power over individual needs and freedoms must be limited.  Early 17th century liberal philosophers like John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, argued against the absolute power of government because in those days government meant aristocracy.  Continual strife and civil wars in 17th century Europe gave rise to a liberal ideology and a majority rule electorate.  The fundamental need toward religious freedom and individual choice of government were imbedded in the basic principles of liberalism.  In his Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America (1787), John Adams articulated further by writing about the dangers of  “popular sovereignty”, because the majority would control all branches of government.  This was the preamble to the Electorate College.

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is a good example of liberalism gone mad.  A blatant disregard to the basic rights of an American.  The predetermination to reduce an individual to redundancy is a mockery to the American judiciary system.  The totalitarian prosecution of an individual’s political and ideological preference, is quasi reminiscent of the Soviet Union.  The “new” American liberalism judges and determines guilt by tabloid innuendo and hearsay. In today’s liberal America, a prominent senator is allowed to tell American males to “shut up”.  In today’s liberal America, if you are male, you are guilty by default, and if you are a “white” male;  racist, misogynist, and liar are added into the slanderous mix. In today’s liberal America it is acceptable to harass and discriminate against anyone who holds an opposite political opinion, or is associated with the White House.  In today’s liberal America,  a loony senator can unscathingly and publicly instigate bigotry, hatred, discrimination, harassment, and even perchance violence; anything for social justice!  In today’s liberal America, due process has taken a back seat to vile narrative as an insidious pretense to  protest. Today’s liberal America has taken  liberal principles and twisted them into a sordid ideology that vaguely resembles the “…liberation of the individual from complete subservience to the group”. (

Partisanship “crazy” has reached epidemic proportions, and unless seriously curbed we will join the ranks of “fallen empires”.  Every decent American should have a problem with what we were subjected to these past few weeks. We watched elected public officials,  sworn to protect us, in the pursuit of destroying and condemning another American citizen just because they think they can. Short of sentencing Mr. Kavanaugh to trial by fire, the obvious political and ideological hatred of this man should have brought us all to our feet and scream”enough!”  We are now to assume that we must be void from sin from birth till death do us part, to qualify as good citizens. Inane and moronic does not start to describe what we witnessed.  We have elected presidents whose shenanigans would have given reality TV a boost. Liberal America’s standards on Mr. Kavanaugh would not have elected  FDR, JFK, or Bill Clinton. All three liberal Democrats who despite many shortcomings managed to defeat Nazism and liberate Europe, force the Soviet Union to stand down in Cuba, and give us a great 90’s economy, respectively. All three less than perfect but still hailed by as the best thing since sliced bread.

The duplicity of the haters is fundamental to the argument that the Democratic party has unfortunately relinquished control to the ultra left wing loons.  When a self-proclaimed hater of Israel and Jews is embraced as a social activist diva by the party, then the Democratic party has a serious problem.  Linda Sarsour is not only an open anti-Semite, but an extremist whose mission in life is to change America as we know it.  Any woman who promotes Sharia Law as “good for women” needs either a lobotomy or deportation. But she was the liberals’ darling at the Women’s march on Washington.  These are the “new” liberals aligned with the Democratic Party.  If nothing else works throw in a sexual assault charge. Ruin a life. Why the hysteria about Kavanaugh? Is it the fact that he is Catholic or that he has conservative views, or perhaps the fact that Donald Trump nominated him? Possibly all of the above?  Mr. Kavanaugh’s 28 year-old career included being counsel to the George W Bush White House. Which makes me wonder how left wing pinheads missed the small fact that anyone privy to top secret material in the White House, would have been vetted more than adequately by the FBI. The same FBI that vetted him prior to the confirmation. But…the FBI did not dig deep enough and must have surely missed something. Right.  They forgot to interview his kindergarten teacher.

The Supreme Court upholds the Constitution.  The Supreme Court is not in the political ideology business.  It does not impart or invoke political narrative to appease partisanship.  Supreme Court judges are selected to protect the law of the land within the full context of the Constitution.  They may disagree within their own opinion of constitutional interpretation, but they may not endorse or display any partiality toward partisanship.  The biggest critic of the Kavanaugh’s hearings is none other than the one and only Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg openly criticized the hearings as “wrong” and a “partisan show”.  In two September 13, 2018,  interviews with CNN and the Washington Times, Justice Ginsburg had strong concerns about the contentious confirmation hearings of the past few years. She recalled her 1993 confirmation hearings where she was eventually confirmed 96 to 3.  Prior to her nomination by then President Bill Clinton, she had spent 10 years litigating cases for the ACLU. A definite liberal leaning. But as she recalls in her own words, “No senator asked me any questions – not about that.” She wistfully wished she had a” magic wand to turn the time back”.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a great friend and confidante to Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  No couple were more “odd” than these two.  But their respect for each other’s individual ideology and opinion gave each a chance to engage and learn from each other, rather than destroy each other.She still misses him.

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed but at what cost?  His personal life and that of his family will never be the same again.  They were dragged through the mud of public opinion. Condemned on hearsay and media sensationalism.  In a month or so the debacle will be forgotten like yesterday’s breakfast and the media will go back to thrashing Trump. But the country has made a nasty turn toward intolerance and McCarthyism-style persecution of individuals without due process.  A giant step toward fascism.  The Democratic party, the party of the people, has also made a sharp left turn on the path toward intolerance of anything that is remotely traditional America.  The party has slowly ignored fundamental liberalism that guarantees “individual rights and civil liberties”. Now it panders to special interest groups that infiltrate our universities with hatred, violence, and the stifling of freedom of speech.  Whether liberal or conservative, we are all entitled to individual rights and civil liberties.  Liberals do not have a monopoly on these principles.  But liberalism is founded on the principle of individuality which is the common thread that binds all Americans regardless of partisanship.  The Democratic party must once again embrace these fundamental liberal principles before the party of FDR and JFK will only be a memory.

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