Claude Lee Massey
Claude Lee Massey

The Hiring Process in Israel

If you are looking for a job in Israel as an English speaker, it is not easy. So as a career coach in Tel Aviv Israel, I want to help you anyway that I can. Therefore, I created a list describing the hiring process in Israel.

Many employers are missing the forest through the trees: Obsessed with driving down costs, they largely ignore the ultimate goal: making the best possible hires.

Really, it depends on which kind of job. Moreover, most companies have their own hiring process. What you see below are the typical steps in a job hiring process across varies job types and industries.

Depending on what type of job you are looking for, the amount of steps may vary, but the rules that apply to each step are super-relevant.  Broken down into 5 steps, here is the hiring process in Israel the way that I see it.

Firstly, A Telephone Interview with Human Resources

  • All interviews are important, but this is the least important one of all.
  • If you don’t go past the first interview, don’t ever take it personally.
  • Be ready to give a short explanation of your work history.
  • Remember not to over-speak!

Secondly, A face-to-face interview with your future boss

  • I don’t need to remind you, but dress sharp and be ON TIME!
  • Be ready to give a deep explanation of your work history.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions (it shows you are interested in the job, and engaged in the conversation).

Thirdly, A face-to-face interview with your future bosses’ boss

  • This is the most important interview of all.
  • Be ready to give a deep explanation of your work history.
  • Obtain a deep knowledge of the company beforehand.
  • Be ready to describe what you picture your first 30 days within the company to look like.

Fourthly, The Reference Checks

  • Have 3 good references ready.
  • Let them (your references) know a call from the company is coming.
  • Explain what job you are interviewing for, and exactly what you would like them (your references) to say.

Fifthly, The Salary Offer

  • Give a range and not an exact number.
  • Always, always aim higher.
  • If the offer is much lower than expected, ask for a day to think.

Good Luck Job Hunter!

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A Los Angeles native who made Aliyah 10 years ago, Claude Lee Massey is a Life Coach and Career Consultant with a focus on helping new immigrants in Israel. Mr. Massey is also a “how-to” blogger, video content creator, and the author of “Sell, I Dare You!” available on Amazon.
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