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The human race cannot say ‘Never Again’ anymore

Some say that it was a terrorist attack…
Some say that we are in a war…
Some say that it was a Crime against Humanity…

More people will say more things to try to grasp what happened.
But the truth is that there is no room in our brain, in our mind, in our heart, to be able to imagine or live with what happened…

There is no name for what happened, because it does not exist.

Just like the Shoah.

It took us, and the world, time to really understand what happened in the Shoah, and to grasp the extent of the Nazi’s cruelty. Who knew that it was even possible to gas millions of people and to burn them in ovens? And yet it happened.

And then we said never again.

But never again what? Never again to hurt the jews? Never again to try to exterminate a whole People? Never again to see the horrors that humans are capable of doing? Never again what?

Never again is NOW.

The horror, the torture, the rape, the killing of families, the burning them alive, the taking babies and children hostages – Never again is here again.

It has been 17 days of war and yet, my brain still cannot function normally and my heart can’t stop bleeding and I wonder how it can ever stop.

There is a “before” and an “after” October 7th 2023, not only because of the thousands killed and wounded and the hundreds kidnapped, but also because is impossible to recover from these acts of torture and the level of horror that those beasts had on other human beings. It is not imaginable. And yet, it happened and the world is not the same, the Human Race is not the same.

It makes me want to throw up every time those images come up to my mind and I can only imagine what it does to the people who actually saw it with their own eyes, who lost someone or are still waiting for their loved ones kidnapped to return.

It makes me want to scream and tear my clothings and sit on the floor and cry.

Yes, we cry for our dead.
Yes, we cry for our wounded.
Yes, we cry for all the people that have been taken hostage.

But we also cry because we have reached a level of horror and of cruelty that we could not even imagine was possible.

It makes me ashamed to share the same human race as those beasts.

So, citizens of the world, whether you are Jewish or not, if you are seeing what is happening now in Israel and wondering what side to take, or who is right and who is wrong, there is only one side here – the side of the Human Race.

I don’t know how we can come back from this. And “we” is not only the Jewish People or Israel, but it is the whole Human Race who is stained now forever, and who cannot say Never Again anymore.

About the Author
Nathalie Garson is the Founder of the Global Network for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders, the host of the Jewish Woman Entrepreneurs Podcast and the CEO of the Born To Do Business. For the past 11 years, Nathalie has been a Business Mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them grow and scale their business, become the CEO of their business while staying aligned with their Born To Do. In 2020, she created the Global Network of Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders during COVID. Today it is a Non profit which counts more than a 1000 women coming from 18 countries, in order to create friendships and strategic partnerships between Jewish women entrepreneurs in Israel and from the rest of the world. You can join the Global Network here - Nathalie is also the host of The Jewish Women Entrepreneurs Podcast where she has fascinating conversations with guests on Leadership, Jewish Identity and Women Empowerment. Nathalie is originally from France, made Alya 19 years ago with her two kids to Jerusalem where she lives until today with her life partner.
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