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The Initiation and the Real Coming of Messiah-II

The great Prophet Ezekiel finishes his book with the inspiring words: “The name of the city from now on will be “The-Lord-Is-Here!”! Respectively, in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle the name of the Earth for the whole of humankind will be The-Lord-Is-Here! Source of the picture:

In the previous Post, I quoted some requirements concerning the Coming of Messiah from the inspiring Book of Isaiah. In this Post I will continue these requirements from the Book of Isaiah and from the Books of great Prophets such as Ezekiel, Zechariah, Jeremiah  and others. The purpose of these two Posts is to substantiate the Initiation into the Coming of Messiah, introduced in the Post from 20.04.2023. Again, after each of quotations, I will make some comments and refer occasionally to my published Posts:

Humankind will live in the World of Creation, where the Spirit of G-d is always present! The Prophet Ezekiel finishes his book with the inspiring words: “The name of the city from now on will be “The-Lord-Is-Here!”  (Ezekiel 48:35). Respectively, in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle, the name of the Earth for the whole of humankind will be The-Lord-Is-Here! Thus, the knowledge of G-d will fill the whole world!

He will include and attract people from all cultures and nations. (Isaiah 11:10)

The Messiah will act for the whole of humankind! He is the Integral Messiah, the Light of the Messianic Line for the new cosmic cycle, including the New Coming of Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine of all world religions. This is why, the Messiah, as the Integral Messiah, will attract people from all cultures and nations.

The prominent contemporary Kabbalist Rav Michael Laitman explains in one of his videos (07.2016): Who is Israel? It is those who embody the meaning of the word Yashar-Kel, i.e., those who go “straight to the Creator” as the unifying power in reality. Hence, we could consider all people who go “straight to the Creator “as Israelites. Then, of course, they will return to their homeland, which is the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem in the Kabbalistic World of Creation, established on Earth!

  • There will be no more hunger or illness, and death will cease. (Isaiah 25:8)

Of course, in the New Reality, in the World of Creation, there is no hunger, or illness, or death, because the Lord G-d is there. Inspiring description of this Reality could also be found in The Book of Revelation by St. John in Chapter 21:1-5.

The Resurrection of the Dead is a very subtle and sensitive question. When changing the cycles, G-d integrates the previous Indo-European cycle into one wholeness and judges the life of all past generations. Then the righteous ones He brings into the new, Heavenly-Jerusalem, cosmic cycle (please, see the Post The Mission of the Current Messiah from 23.10.2022). G-d will incarnate these righteous Souls with physical bodies on Earth at the appropriate for them time. Thus, there is no need for the dead to rise again immediately: it is enough to enter as living Souls in the Light of the new cosmic cycle and in due time they will be incarnated on Earth!

  • The Jewish people will experience eternal joy and gladness. (Isaiah 51:11)

Life in the new World of Creation is full of joy, ecstasy and insights! Because the Souls live in this world eternally, then they will experience eternal joy and gladness.

The Coming of the Messiah will bring Peace on Earth. Moreover, in the new cosmic cycle, the Divine Commandments will be on the level of planetary Decrees! For instance, similar to the Paris Climate Agreement, we could easily imagine a Planetary Peace Agreement, Agreements for preservation of the Earth, Nature, the Environment and many more.  And of course, as the Prophet Ezekiel had envisaged, all weapons of war will be destroyed (Ezekiel 39:9)!

It is hard to imagine the difficulties and the sufferings of the Jewish People over the centuries, especially the recent tragedy of the Holocaust! This historical drama, however, kept the identity and the Monotheistic Revelation of the Jewish people. At the End of the cycle, the nations will recognize the wrongs they did to Israel, but on the other hand, the Jewish people will understand some of their mistakes in implementing the Monotheistic Covenant with G-d!

  • The peoples of the world will turn to the Jews for spiritual guidance. (Zechariah 8:23)

Having the keys to the essence of the World of Creation, the Jewish people have to guide the rest of humankind.  This is why the quoted above Rav M. Laitman explained: What is the role of the Jewish people? It is to be a “light unto the nations.” That is, to give an example of unity to the world.

Israel already is a well-developed booming country, but now the whole of humankind has to restore Nature, the Environment, the Earth and to transform it into a Garden of Paradise! In the new, Heavenly-Jerusalem, cosmic cycle, all worlds (including the Earthly one) will be in perfect harmony and interpenetration, so the ruined cities and environments on Earth will be restored based on dynamic connection with the higher spiritual worlds.

  • The people of Israel will have direct access to the Torah through their minds and Torah study will become the study of the wisdom of the heart. (Jeremiah 31:33)

The Torah of the Messiah will be an open Book for Eternal Life! Everyone, with the wisdom of the heart, will have direct access to it and will be able to co-create with G-d, realising his/her Divine potential! This is why it is said: G-d will give you all the worthy desires of your heart. (Psalms 37:4)

In the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle with New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind, G-d will make the barren land abundant and fruitful! The whole Earth will be a Garden of Paradise, plenty of fruits from the Tree of Life on all levels of the new celestial civilisation.

In this cosmic cycle we will meet the New Comings of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Mother on the etheric level, and will receive their new Initiations as Divine Blessings for the wholeness of the Kingdom of God. Each Initiation will be monotheistic, integral and Messianic! Altogether, these Initiations form the Light of the Integral Messiah and constitute the Messianic Line in the Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle! In the next Post I will explain further the Blessings of the Integral Messiah.

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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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