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The Iranian regime’s IRGC is the hidden hand behind Hamas’s savage attacks against Israel

Hasn’t the time come for Europe and America to categorize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group?

FILE – In this photo provided by the Revolutionary Guard’s Ground Force Oct. 17, 2022, troops stand while attending a manoeuver in northwestern Iran. As protests rage at home, Iran’s theocratic government is increasingly flexing its military muscle abroad. That includes supplying drones to Russia that now kill Ukrainian civilians, running drills in a border region with Azerbaijan and bombing Kurdish positions in Iraq. (Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Ground Force via AP, File)

Among the people of Iran, there is an interesting colloquial phrase that is rarely heard, used mostly for someone who refuses to take action when someone else is being ridiculed or in an inappropriate situation. It goes like this: “Have they sealed your lips with magic?”

Now, this phrase tells the story of the Islamic Republic and the international community, especially the United States, who see all kinds of wickedness and villainy in this criminal regime but prefer to remain silent, and sometimes even show solidarity with it!

Although among scholars of the occult sciences in Iran, this rumor is seriously circulated that the clerical regime has sealed the mouths of the international community and the West with magic, let’s set aside this generalization. The reality is that the Western world, particularly the superpower known as the United States, has been dealing with the Islamic Republic in such a terrifying way in recent years that some jest it might be the mullahs who control the leaders in the White House!

Rockets are fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip, October 8, 2023. (AP Photo/ Fatima Shbair)
The body of a person killed by Hamas terrorists lies covered inside a bullet-riddled car in the southern city of Sderot on October 7, 2023 (Oren ZIV / AFP)
A blood-soaked child’s bed in Kibbutz Kfar Aza seen in a photo shared by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Oct. 11, 2023 in the aftermath of the Hamas assault on Israel on Oct. 7. (X/Netanyahu)

The United States’ Biden government, a few months ago, despite opposition warnings from Iran, paid a significant ransom for the release of several American-Iranian prisoners to the Islamic Republic.

When the terrorist group Hamas launched an attack on Israel, Washington suddenly appeared in the role of the mullahs’ defense attorney. Various spokespersons of the different branches of the American government quickly claimed they found no traces of Iran’s attempt to incite Hamas to attack Israel, even before conducting any investigation. This was despite the fact that almost the same day as Hamas’s attack, just a few hours after the slaughter of unarmed Israelis, while the terrorists in Gaza and Tehran were reveling in their joy, Hamas leaders expressed special thanks for the support of the Islamic Republic, which clearly shows that Tehran was behind this horrific crime behind the scenes.

In this handout photo, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi meets with senior Palestinian officials, including leaders of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, in the Syrian capital Damascus on May 4, 2023. (Iranian Presidency Office)

Despite the repeated confessions and admissions of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders receiving money from Iran, Westerners and Americans, according to the Iranian people’s common saying, have had their eyes and mouths sealed by magic and fail to see anything.

Hundreds of Friday prayers in Iran, during which official authorities of the Islamic Republic have openly admitted to striving for Israel’s destruction and providing logistical and financial support to terrorist groups, have been ignored by Western and American leaders, with even Democratic officials shamelessly competing to exonerate the Islamic Republic from all sorts of atrocities.

If we tally the admissions of the leaders of the terrorist group Hamas in recent years, it becomes blatantly evident that the mullahs in Iran’s theocratic government have engaged in all kinds of support, from financial to arms, for Hamas and terrorist groups.

Just as an illustrative example, one can refer to the recent visit of Amir-Abdollahian, Iran’s Foreign Minister, to Lebanon amid Israel’s confrontation with Hamas terrorism. He openly met with Hezbollah’s Nasrallah, Hamas leaders, and Islamic Jihad leaders, and even threatened to open a second front against Israel, potentially changing the balance of war. All of these events are happening openly in front of the world’s eyes. However, as per the common saying among the Iranian public, no one expects Biden and Blinken to characterize Tehran as the instigator of violence and bloodshed due to the supposed magic of the mullahs. This magic might work in such a way that Washington’s foreign policy spokespersons will interpret Amir-Abdollahian’s visit and his threatening statements as a misunderstanding by the general public.

Nonetheless, in the real world, it is clear as daylight that Iran’s financial and arms aid to Hamas and Islamic Jihad is undeniable, and they might even serve as sponsors who determine the type and timing of attacks, as well as issue orders to initiate attacks.

The Islamic Republic has delivered millions of dollars to Hamas and its leaders. Haniyeh, not long ago, told Al-Ghadir TV in Iraq that the Islamic Republic provides Hamas with $150 million annually. What’s even more catastrophic is that this aid is exclusive to Hamas.

Sixteen years ago, Fath revealed that the Qods Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards provided military training to Hamas militants in Gaza after internal clashes between Fath and Hamas. Several years ago, a senior Hamas official told The Times in London that hundreds of group members received military training in Tehran.

Despite all these documents, few remember statements from a few years ago by Mahmoud al-Zahar, who said something interesting: “Qassem Soleimani gave us $22 million in cash, and he was supposed to give us more, but we were only nine people, and we couldn’t carry more bags of money, so we settled for that.”

Besides these instances, Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, mentioned two years ago that the Islamic Republic of Iran gave them $70 million for an attack on Israel. Despite these clear pieces of evidence, it’s peculiar that Americans claim they have not yet found any documents showing Iran’s involvement in Hamas’ hostilities against Israel!

Hasn’t it been time?

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas made it clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the true patron of the terrorist groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. It seems there’s no need for more evidence to establish the terrorist nature of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and to include this group on the list of terrorist organizations.

The assertions by US officials that they see no footprint of Iran’s involvement in the conflagrations involving Hamas against Israel are as ludicrous as the claims by European authorities that there are not enough reasons to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Both Hamas leaders and officials of the Islamic Republic have practically and openly admitted multiple times to Iran’s financial and logistical support. It appears it’s time to break the spell of Iran’s influence and the silencing of criticism, but Europe and the US should do so before it’s too late.

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Hamidreza Zarifinia is an Iranian writer, correspondent and news editor for the Times of Israel, based in London Office.
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