Harold Klein

The Ironic Dueling Expressions of Jonathan Glazer

Mr. Glazer has lost the sale. Also, he may have caused the loss of life, when his intent was to save life.

How did he lose the sale and what was that sale?

A premise of the Zone of Interest (I have not seen the film) is certainly the destructive power of indifference, of silence when wrong surrounds you. A most worthy proposition from the director. This offering to the world was lost by his words on the night of the Oscars. Ironically, his lack of silence surrounding the horrors of the current war not only kills said proposition but may instigate the very opposite of what the intention was.

Recently, I visited the Living Museum at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, NY. Truly an inspiring environment where patients find solace and meaning by tapping into their creative spirits and expressing themselves in such beautiful ways.

Our tour guide was a patient who began by telling us that the patients all may be mentally challenged and have obstacles to the everyday business of life, but the mentally challenged do have a wonderful imagination.

I am not suggesting Jonathan Glazer is mentally challenged, but artists too have a great imagination and ability to lend expression to that. However, there is a reason most artists have agents. They live in a different world and do not know how to navigate the comprehensive business of a sale. Moreso, how far removed are they from all the living and loaded intricacies of a horrific war.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Dr. Martin Luther King joined hands and communicated by their words and actions how silence and indifference to evil was worse than evil itself. Something I sense Mr. Glazer knows well.

Heschel also conveyed in his writing that it wasn’t machine guns nor tanks nor bombs that caused the murder of 6 million Jews, rather it was words that can claim that credit.

We have a concept that we embrace in Judaism and that is Teshuva. To return, to repent, to answer, to make good on any wrong we may have done to man or G-d. I do believe Jonathan Glazer wronged both. Allow this writing to implore him to find his way to engaging the power of Teshuva. Who knows how many will perish because of the verbal license issued by the creator of such an important work. It is tragically ironic.

Harold Klein

Woodmere, NY.

Harold and Nan Klein are the founders of TeleTime Video and have produced over 4500 films for organizations around the world. Currently, they created a series that aired nationwide on PBS stations, Trauma to Triumph – The Rise of the Entrepreneur

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