The Israel Chip…

It’s been three years now in this Land

We have commenced just as planned

Leaving So-Cal behind

A new course were we assigned

We said goodbye to Trader Joe

Walmart, Whole Foods and Costco

Setting our feet in a new place

No more time to idly waste!

Our family was a bit surprised

They called us nuts and despised 

Our choice to leave came as a jolt!

Their fears and tears sparked revolt

Leaving them was difficult

Some thought we had joined a cult!

But we refused their guilty-trip

For we possessed the “Israel Chip!”

We’ve learned to push and shove our way

As new challenges greet us each day!

Our Hebrew is still quite atrocious

In this we are not precocious

But with the help of friends and strangers

We never feel like lost lone rangers

*Jerusalem driving can be quite alarming

With honking horns and double parking

Buses and–delivery trucks

Squeeze their way with magnetic flux

Making a U-turn to grab a falafel

Apparently– is not unlawful….  

I gasp and scream as the husband drives

Praying quietly to stay alive

Inhaling lavender thru my nose

Struggling just to stay composed!

*Waiting your turn in any line

Is as if in a floating mine

‘Take a number’ is the game!

As if this were a certain claim

Yet numbers do not often matter

For those that would rather chatter 

You gotta be quick!

And a little thick!

Is a new-normal sensation

Of our aliyah initiation!


We have returned to fight the fight!

We are saying no more whining!

They’ll be no compromising!

No room for complaining!

Or spoiled childish waning!

For we have a chance to get this right

To be pioneers in Gd’s pure Light!

The Diaspora was not our home

It was only a short-term loan

The clock is a’tickin

No longer are we chicken  

Anti-semitisims’ growing

Hatred’s overflowing

So…. we held on tight

And booked an EL AL flight!

Hertzel’s vision paved our way

Gurion declared ‘WE SHALL STAY’

Golda fought with honey cakes

In her kitchen for our sakes!

Ready! — Set! — Go!

We’re in the ‘End Time Show’

Upon this stage of world upheaval

Political drama surrounded by evil

We’ve made the plunge and here we are

Our hands are in the cookie jar!

We’re living in an amazing time

Fulfilling Divine eternal rhyme

Rising upward beyond earthly reason

No longer wandering in a dry season

We are rich beyond our expectations

In every breath hold revelations!

Grasping tight the sacred thread

Is even better than sliced-bread!

Embracing joyful cosmic laughter

Heals beyond a mustard plaster!

So we persist and aren’t afraid

Waving banners in the Tzion parade!

For, soon there’ll be a curtain call

And we’ll take a bow once and for all

Living in a world of Peace

No longer needing secret police

With this in mind there is no joking

Mesheach’s footsteps are approaching….

About the Author
Born and raised in California, I moved to Alaska just out of High School where I worked on a commercial salmon vessel. After several years, I relocated to Washington State where I raised a family and pursued a career in Juvenile Corrections. Upon retiring, I began writing about my travels and experiences. Over the years, my writing has expanded to include many venues and topics, from the more personal hardships of my life to the more whimsical children's stories. My journalistic stories have been published in newspapers, on-line sites, as well as included in printed books such as "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Coffee House Chronicles". I have recently enjoyed more public interaction through my writing of "spoken word" at local Jerusalem gatherings.
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