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The Jerusalem Post continues its slander of the PM

Speaking at an event marking International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Netanyahu implied that our [Jewish] tradition and modernity forbid hurting life-forms, so even more so fellow human beings, women.

He remarked that if you cannot hit any life-form, you certainly cannot hit women and children. This wickedness needs to be eradicated.

But the Post translated life-forms as animals and screamed that he called women animals. Its headline: “Netanyahu calls women animals” Also the Times of Israel editors don’t really understand Hebrew, it seems, as they follow the Post, though a bit milder. Only days later, the Post came with the real news from the conference.

Who cares if some low-life publication said so? But the Post still has a good name by those who missed that its glory is something of the distant past. And the Times really disappointed me.

Pieces like that give Israel’s press a bad name.

Bibi, please don’t blame the media in general. Call out the terrible ones. Or better: name the ones who are fair. Maybe not always supportive or always correct but at least trying to be fair.


In a further departure from reality, the JPost now headlines that “Some 49% of Israelis want Biden to relaunch talks with the PA”–conclusions from a left-wing ‘opinion poll’–lacking details like the scope and margin of error.

This gives the false impression that Trump had stopped talking to the Palestinian leadership. It’s really the opposite. As always, they refused to sit down for negotiations. But–new!–Trump decided not to wait for them.

Pushing a false narrative is typical for shady publications. Readers beware!


Three is a charm. The JPost applauds a¬† further inquiry in possible bribery around military spending in Germany. They ‘know’ that 90% of the facts are still unknown. How do they know that? Prophecy?

Although the AG has cleared Netanyahu in this affair, “if Netanyahu [is] guilty of misconduct in this matter, we all have a right to know.”

If the JPost perpetuates hatred for the PM, readers have a right to know.


Betraying the underdog and huddling with power still paves the way to ‘greatness’

Running a gambling business where the poor, destitute, and hopeless gamble away their last dollars can make you rich and respectable.

Honesty, working, and earning a decent salary for a living is for losers.

Portraying strength and confidence will be liked by many more men and women than someone sensitive and cautious.

Emotions and insecurity are for wimps, women and losers.

Ignoring the plight of homosexuals won’t ruin your standing with most people while voicing their concerns will.

Solidarity with losers makes you a loser.

Placating the Middle Class will give more votes than voicing solidarity with blue-color workers.

Too much solidarity with the poorer will make you a loser.

Dog whistles to racist conditioning will get you votes.

Being politically correct is for losers.

Avoiding any emotion (‘grownup’) and being ‘super-rational’ will get you to the top better than being authentic (‘crazy’) and human.

The show must go on if you don’t want to be a loser.

Show that you are a top dog.

Talk of love, respect, and unity is for losers.

Don’t have empathy for Jews or Arabs if that costs you votes.

Sentimentality and solidarity are for losers.

The successful people who easily betray the interests of the weak, how do they live with themselves?

Well, while faking it on their way to the top, they promise themselves that when they get there, they’ll benefit the weaker parts of society too. Once they arrive, they forgot. How do they sleep at night? Very well, thank you.

Power doesn’t corrupt. People corrupt.

Not standing with the oppressed makes you part of the problem.

Stop following and having faith in those who ignored the weak to get power and look respectable. Look to people who dare to use their privilege to be with the underprivileged, not to win but to be true to their soul.


No one will profit from Trump

Trump uses people. When he’s done with you, he’ll toss you out quicker than you can say Mar-a-Lago. Loyalty is not part of his game.

If you’d accept a new spouse who cheated on their spouse to get to you, you can know that in the end, s/he’ll leave you for another just like that.

Fox News knew that he was a cheater and a liar when they pandered to him. Still, they would be loyal. He would not.

As soon as he found better, Newsmax and OANN, he went to them. He’ll cheat them too. Perhaps, when he’d start his own news channel.

His goal is to win and gain, not to hand out.

His biggest joy: no one fair will feel for them as they first abetted him.

And he won’t feel bad for them. No empathy. You wouldn’t want him to speak be at your funeral. Promoting himself.

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