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The Jewish Choice

The image is the cover of the album 'עבודה עברית' by NaNa Disc.
The image is the cover of the album 'עבודה עברית' by NaNa Disc.

The Jewish people face a choice, because they want two incompatible things at the same time.

Jews want the State of Israel, a Jewish country. At the same time many Jews wish to be successful business people and employers. They wish to employ non-Jews.

The big question is, if Israel is a Jewish majority country, where are they going to find so many non-Jews?

The solution was found in Gaza, some time around 1983. The solution was to establish Jewish settlements and agricultural businesses in Gaza, and make most land and water resources available to Jews rather than to Arabs. The hothouses produced fresh vegetables and flowers which were exported to Europe by air.

Palestinian Arabs in Gaza thus became the employees of the Jewish owners of the hothouses, and had little choice but to work for them. This situation had all the trappings of an apartheid regime, but the ICC and the Rome Statute did not yet exist at that time. What happened instead was what Israelis called terrorism and Palestinians called resistance. In the end Israel removed the settlements and carried out a one-sided withdrawal from Gaza, without any agreement with the Palestinians.

Now there is another opportunity for business minded Israelis to employ large numbers of non-Jews. The new solution is to build industrial parks in the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank.

Arab workers there cannot work for Arab employers who would be exporting their goods to Israel, because there isn’t any Israeli-Palestinian free trade agreement. So again, they have little choice but to work for Israeli employers in the settlements.

As before in Gaza, they are apparently not happy becoming subservient to Jews, and the tension in the West Bank is growing, though it did not yet explode as it did in Gaza 20 years ago.

Here one can see a big difference in the business dealings of Americans with Mexicans on one hand and of Israelis with Palestinian Arabs on the other hand. Americans have a free trade agreement with Mexico, so Mexican workers can work for Mexican employers and export their goods to the US. But Palestinians do not have a free trade agreement with Israel, so they are forced to work for Israeli employers. It is not hard to see why America and Mexico are friends but Israel and the Palestinians are not.

It seems that Israel now found the solution, how to be a Jewish majority country and the same time to have enough goyim to allow Jewish employers to have enough non-Jewish workers. But the problem is, that this solution is at high risk of being found an apartheid regime by the ICC. The two previous apartheid regimes, in former Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and in South Africa were dismantled by sanctions.

So, what will Israel choose? Or will Israel wait until the ICC and the sanctions will make the choice for them?

If future sanctions will enforce the future majority rule in Israel-Palestine, Israeli Jews will end up a Jewish minority in a mostly Arab country.

So, the choice is critically important. Now is the time to think!

Gmar Hatima Tova.

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I went to graduate school at the Hebrew University and since then worked as a lecturer in Canada and in Israel.
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