The liberal dead end and the anti-Trump campaign

The anti-Trump movement in the United States seems to be stronger than ever. The US President is insulted, delegitimized, hated and offended more than any other President before. Even former President George W. Bush, a known enemy of the left who launched two bloody wars, fought the liberal milieu and endorsed the outlaw of gay marriage, is not hated the way Mr. Trump is. Mr. Trump is considered by his rivals to be stupid, ignorant and boorish, a leader with no genuine competence to lead a nation, a bigot who carries forward hardline nationalist agenda, a person no one should really trust. Liberal circles hope that the inquiry into the Russian intervention in the 2016 US elections would bring about the President’s impeachment; they detest the masses who voted to him and consider them to be a mob which must be educated. The ongoing campaign to make Mr. Trump illegitimate is therefore marked with unprecedent attempt to foil his intention to run for a second term.

The Democratic party became a party with one, single agenda: hate the President, incite against him, try to bring him on his knees. Instead of presenting an alternative to the White nationalism endorsed by Mr. Trump, to his divide and rule politics, to the bad ways he runs Washington, his opponents prefer to spread sheer hatred, hoping to conquer the hearts and minds of the American man and women by propaganda of hatred and animosity. This regretful and unfortunate politics taken by the Democrats stands, of course, in opposition to the popularity enjoyed by the President and to the fact that he has good chances to get a second term at the White House. In addition, the Democratic party is occupied by radicals from the left, many of them open anti-Israeli activists associated with the socialist camp in party led by senator Bernie Sanders, who are careless of America’s future and all they wish to achieve is the party’s radicalization toward the left. Thus, the hostility toward Mr. Trump by the Clintonite establishment is nurtured by the party’s radical milieu that dreams of occupying the White House by ideas alien to the American spirit. It is therefore a mixture of nihilism, Third World nationalism, antisemitism and sheer political irresponsibility.

While Mr. Trump must be ideologically resisted, criticized and politically challenged, it is quite clear that his enemies are doing nothing that would really challenge the President and undermine his administration. They lack viable political alternative and can only put forward hatred toward his personality. In the meantime, the US economy is flourishing, jobs are added, the markets trust the President and diplomatic gains associated with Mr. Trump’s leadership are credited to his own unique way of making deals. For instance, one should point out on the marvelous way the President dealt with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: he did an enormous step in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital and delivered a great blow to the Palestinian national cause by stopping the funds given by the US to the UNRWA refugee agency. While Mr. Trump lacks any understanding as of the fact that Israel moves toward a true dead-end in terms of becoming a bi-national state, he goes on with implementing historic policies that strengthen Israel’s hawkish orientation with no serious and principled opposition.

The sad reality is that Mr. Trump, a controversial figure indeed, is about to complete his first term with success and will stand for elections with numerous gains in every field. His risky politics faces no serious alternatives, his demagogy is not seriously fought by adversaries who can bring the Democratic party back to the Oval Office, his frenetic ways to run America are not really opposed. In the meantime, it seems that those who predicted that America might face an economic chaos and social turmoil following his election are marginalized, having only the liberal media to fight the President with zero success. If the liberals want to revive the Democratic, present an alternative to Trumpism and regain the White House, they must reclaim the Democratic party, stop the incitement politics against the President and think what went out wrong in their attempt to keep Washington under democratic control. Without reclaiming their party, the good and old liberals will find out that America is ready to have a second term of Mr. Trump as President.

About the Author
DAVID MERHAV is a journalist and editor; Since 2008, he is working as journalist & Op-Ed columnist in Makor Rishon daily, Hebrew conservative newspaper published in Jerusalem; He also served as the Public Relations director for the Jabotinky Institute in Israel.
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