The Little Lion

Designed By Jacob Nemeth

Wake up like a lion to start the day. Now is the best time to shine like the sun’s rays. So much to do and so much to explore. No matter how far you go there is always more.

Everywhere the little lion went he went with a smile. For every adventure he’d go on for a while. From hikes in the forest to trips to get smoothies, the little lion looked at everything as if they were rubies.

One day he got on my shoulders way up high, as the parades marching through Jerusalem were passing by. He loved his holy city and the Jewish state, making Aliyah was never a mistake.

He dedicated every moment making everyone cheerful, that thinking about him now can make me a little tearful. The little lion was an optimist, he only saw good. In fact he was an altruist whenever he could. True joy and happiness he would constantly spread, so many kind words were constantly said.

When the day becomes night and it’s time to sleep, the little lion is always here with us even when we weep. His impact is eternal, too large to quantify. His deeds are so sweet like a fresh baked cherry pie. So sleep tight little lion, I will see you soon. Even at night you shine brighter than the full moon.

So hard to find another soul quite like yours. But you elevated everyone else’s so kindness can endure. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Never will we let morality fall. Your memory will forever be a blessing because you made the world better. Your love still feels like a nice warm sweater.

Now rest my friend, for you are in Zion. Thank you for everything, our amazing little lion.

In loving memory of Joshua Carr

About the Author
Currently a student at Aish HaTorah, Jacob is experienced in Israeli advocacy and very passionate to spread awareness for Jewish and Israeli causes.
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