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Back to American politics.

How dare The Times of Israel characterize the unsubstantiated charges of Julie Swetnik who is represented by the reptilian figure of Michael Avenatti of Stormy Daniels fame and who claims to have political aspirations to run against The Orange One in 2020 (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld used to say) as the “Jewish woman’s accusations”?

How the hell does her Jewishness have relevance whatsoever in this discussion? I’ll tell you how.

The Jews could have avoided throwing Brett Kavanaugh and his family to the lions over the last week or two. But not only did they not avoid it, but they also held this information until they could toss it into the pit of the Coliseum to stoke the chaos they knew it would create. This is Jewishness? This is how we treat a fellow human being? For the sport of politics and power under the cover of a victimized woman?

I might counter that headline by saying: “Senator Diane Feinstein from California, who first received confidential information about Dr. Ford’s allegations and did not disclose them to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and who never asked the Judge about the veracity of these charges even in private sessions and whose staff may have leaked her identity to the press is Jewish.”

Or how about, “Senator Richard Blumenthal, who lied about the nature of his service in Vietnam, but has lectured Judge Cavanaugh on his lack of ‘credibility’ and his need to be investigated for falsifying his background is Jewish.”

Or Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat minority leader, who opposed the Iran deal under Obama, but was a Huge proponent under Trump, said that contrary to every tenant in the US Constitution, “there’s no presumption of innocence for Brett Kavanaugh”, and Chuck Schumer is Jewish.

Or the inimitable Bernie Sanders, though not on the Judiciary Committee, cannot help himself but add to the constructive dialogue, saying not only does he refuse to accept this additional FBI investigation that all his colleagues have insisted upon, particularly after the weepy lame-duck Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona who, upon being confronted by protestors in a Senate elevator was so moved where no security seemed to be present, he wants Kavanaugh investigated for lying under oath under his confirmation hearings. I believe Bernie is Jewish.

Let’s see – am I missing any other Jews because this is obviously a big deal.

Wait, wait. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer is Jewish! And she’s doing this “pro bono”? Yeah right.

Brett Kavanaugh is NOT Jewish. He went to Georgetown Prep, a NOT Jewish high school where he conducted himself in a goyishe manner, all white and entitled, looking down on Jews and people of color, and generally conducting himself in a way where he knew that his actions had no consequences, he could skate by with modest grades and still gain acceptance to an Ivy League school which would invariably lead to acceptance to an Ivy League law school, clerking for a Supreme Clerk Court Justice (who came up through the same goyishe system he did) and an eventual appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Damn, it was probably all sketched out on that ridiculous calendar of his.

This is such an unholy crock. No one disputes that Dr. Ford must have endured some sort of traumatic quasi-assault during high school. I shudder to think about the number of pre-1980 girls who innocently went to some weekend party with boys they “respected”, maybe believing there would be a parent in attendance, only to find none in attendance, and things quickly got out of hand. Too much beer, a joint or two. They wanted to leave, but the “friends” that brought them there wanted to stay just a bit longer. The music got loud, people were in various rooms, on decks outside, guys got just a little too pushy. The social pressure was ponderous, weighty, but, c’mon, nothing’s going to happen. Nothing serious anyway.

But every once in a while, something serious did happen. Not rape, necessarily, but something easily construed as an unwanted assault – without consent, unwelcome, resisted and registered forever. Nothing serious enough to be “reported”, but serious enough to wreak psychological havoc on a trusting young woman who wouldn’t know whether to mention the incident to close friends or family.

That’s how Dr. Ford struck me. I haven’t heard the charges of the others, but despite my general inclination to believe the hesitation of women to bring these assaults into the open, I find it striking that with the exception of Dr. Ford, the other two have conveniently emerged to buttress her case, to cause further damage to Judge Kavanaugh without substantiation, and in the case of the “Jewish woman”, her claims are the most outrageous, the most unbelievable and she is represented by the most reptilian of counsel.

Fundamentally, though, it escapes me why the “Jewishness” of any of these sad characters must be brought into play.

It’s like my referencing the totally nonsensical statements uttered by Mazie Hirono because she is “Hawaiian”, the implication being that everyone from Hawai’i is credible or not credible simply because they hail from that distant island chain. Which has little connection to the United States. And is known for producing some pretty loony politicians. Who should probably just shut up. As Mazie recommended most us men should do. Which really makes her a mainstream Democrat. Doesn’t matter where she comes from. She took the Dick Blumethal – Corey Booker (NOT Jewish) – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Jewish) – Keith Ellison (DEFINITELY NOT Jewish) course in Ethical Preaching.

Taught by the Master Lecturers, Senator Diane Feinstein (“Was that really a Communist Chinese Spy driving my car all those years? Thanks for the tipoff, FBI!”) and Senator Richard Blumenthal (“Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,” he had the nerve to lecture the Judge).

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