The Long Road

The road was long and winding,

Through very rough terrain,

And the going was tough and tiring,

Wondering if it all was in vain.

The road was long and windy,

With uncertain travel time,

And no final destination,

In the desert nomad style.

As the journey is coming to an end,

And hopes are gradually dimming,

It is time to rest at last:

Sit calmly on the pebble beach,

Watch the tranquil setting of the sun,

Listen to the sound of rolling waves,

Keep counting the beats of the heart,

And hold on to the moment a bit longer,

Before letting it fade into the long night.

About the Author
B. G. Yacobi received his PhD in physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1975. He held research positions at Imperial College London and Harvard University, as well as teaching positions in universities in the United States and Canada. He is the author/co-author of numerous articles and several books on physics, and of a number of essays on philosophy.
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