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The Lubavitcher Rebbe Speaks – Do Not Grant Them Favors


July 16, 2023

The Torah says:  Do not grant them favors, but by all means do a favor for another Jew!

“Be prepared for a protracted campaign” because the conflict with Gaza is a kind of “exchange of blows that doesn’t end with one punch”– Prime Minister Netanyahu in S’derot, Monday, July 16, 2018 following an especially difficult weekend, in which Hamas fired 200 rockets over Southern Israel, one week shy of the 13th anniversary of the Expulsion from Gush Katif.

Backed into fears and fantasies of their own making, Israeli leaders showed once again, last week, they’d rather keep stuffing Jewish citizens into punching bags than deliver the knock-out punch that would bring the conflict to a final end.

Announcing a slew of “practical” measures meant to keep the Palestinian Authority and Hamas (don’t deny it!), from collapsing, we can only Thank G-d, the Arabs threw it back in their fainthearted faces.

Regardless, everyone knows the favors will still go forward and the Palestinian Authority will continue to pay their slayers and teach their children to hate Jews.

The payoff includes:

A new industrial zone;

An underwater natural gas reservoir off the coast of Gaza at Israeli taxpayers’ expense;

Deferred or dropped altogether long overdue payments owed Israeli utilities such as electric, water, gas and Internet.  What a hoot it must be knowing Israelis will be picking up the tab next time they pay their utility bills.

Expanded operating hours at the Allenby Crossing, located near Yericho in the Jordan Valley – a concession given last summer to visiting best friend President Joe Biden who pressured former PM Lapid into consenting to open the bridge 24/5.

That being said, it was Mr. Right Wing’s coalition that actually implemented the hours just before Pesach this year and, to our sorrow, days later the Dees, HY”D, were murdered in the area.

Biometric passports for PA VIPs.

“I protested many years ago!  The government ate/eats stinking fish, was/is lashed and now speaks of regret (when the mics are off and the media are out) for having signed these agreements.  Signing away valuable landholdings on the borders – cities standing guard there for a piece of paper?!

Since G-d’s word is eternal, their signature means nothing!  Why absorb contempt and whippings just so that the Gentile world will smile at you?!  When in fact, their demands only grow?!” – The Lubavitcher Rebbe, 13 Tishrei 5741/1980.  The date marks the yartzheit of the 4th Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Maharash, who was extensively involved in halting the pogroms against the Jews in Russia.

But Rebbe, they’ll say, the experts at the National Security Council have raised the alarm that Judea and Samaria will become another Gaza should the PA fall!

“They are grasping at floating straws! 

The surrender of even one inch of land (and security, Law and Order) involves danger to life and the prohibition of “not granting them favors”…

Who knows how long the person upon whom peace depends will live?  This same mistake has been repeating itself since the Six Day War – and even before that in the Suez Canal.” – The Lubavitcher Rebbe , 18 Elul 5738/1978

But Rebbe, what about the demographics?  And, anyway, the world will never let us rule over millions of Arabs!”

“Indeed, I do admit that a large Arab population dwelling in the State can create a problem, but what is the better alternative? 

Is it better that an area be an independent Palestinian State or a Jordanian State in which there are one and a half million Arabs within firing distance, creating war against every Jewish town and village in the Land? 

Is it not preferable that those very same millions of Arabs be subject to the laws of the State of Israel, within her borders, even with all the problems to which this gives rise?” – The Lubavitcher Rebbe in an interview with Shmuel Katz, 1978

But, Rebbe, this could lead to war!

“If G-d Forbid, this does lead to war, we will be victorious because we are marching with the power of G-d. 

It is forbidden to relinquish any part of the Land of Israel; today, every city, town and village is likened to a border, safeguarding and protecting lives.

When this (thinking) becomes accepted policy, ‘fear and trepidation’ will fall upon our enemies and war will not be necessary.

There were times when Israel stood with all its power and took SWIFT action and war was actually prevented. 

For when he sees that you rose at dawn with a show of force and are ready to strike first, he will give up – saving not only Jewish lives but even those of the enemy!” – The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Purim 1978

 The Torah says:  Do not grant them favors but by all means do a favor for your fellow Jew!

So, rather than reward enemies, why not award our fellow Jews living on the frontlines instead!

For example, Jews living along the Gaza periphery, throughout Southern Israel or up North in cities like Tzefat in the Galil or along the coastal border with Lebanon deserve a package of tax breaks and government grants (without the red tape) that would improve their quality of life, housing and businesses.  After all, their presence and willingness to stay, even under repeated fire, is what keeps Hamas, Fatah and all the other rotten enemies at bay, for the most part.

At the same time, Israel must work to restore Law and Order in the Israeli- Arab, Bedouin and African sectors. Law abiding citizens and residents make the State of Israel a safer, better place to live for us and for them.

Zehut’s Peace Plan is a commonsense response to Arab terrorism and war.  It forces Israel’s enemies to lay down their weapons and leave or be eliminated. The basket of options for Arabs identifying as Palestinian, if implemented, will free these people from their leaders’ corruption and abuse and gives them the chance to start their lives anew elsewhere with a significant package of financial aid to get started or the choice to stay and reap the benefits of all that Israel has to offer as long as they remain loyal to the State.

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I am originally from Buffalo, NY and although I did not have a religious upbringing I always felt a strong connection with Yiddishkeit and Eretz Yisroel. I still get chills recalling the moment the Rabbi announced that Israel had been attacked on Yom Kippur. In the weeks that followed, even though I really didn't understand all the details, I was the one student in my 10th grade Social Studies class who challenged our German-American teacher when he said Israel would be wiped out. Interestingly, the rest of Jewish kids in the class who came from much more Jewishly -oriented homes than I were silent. Years later I met one of them and was astounded to find out how they were all silently cheering me on. On the day the Jews were "disengaged" from Gush Katif, I was stopped in the grocery store (in Buffalo) by a little Jewish lady who whispered to me that she didn't think it was right what Israel was doing. Which just goes to show that there is a vast silent majority of Jews who agree with the Rebbe's approach to peace.
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