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The Magic Power of ‘Just Relax’

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Last week I spoke about people having different realities, and this week I want to speak about potentially shared realities.

There is something very unifying about bad weather. In a country where everyone has at least 30 different opinions about topics they know nothing about, bad weather is something that we can all agree on. “Hey, what about the rain?” (as a Canadian I automatically add “eh” to this sentence, but Israelis have not been educated to the wonders of adding “eh” to all your sentences.)

“I hear we might get snow this week.”
“Yeah I heard that too”

Not to mention the earthquake that we had.

“You feel the earthquake?”
“Yea, you?                                                                                                                             “Yea, crazy”                                                                                                                            “Yea totally.”

Somehow when bad weather hits all of Israel can stand together and agree. And we talk about the weather with such passion and excitement it is almost as if we are talking politics, the only difference being that this time we can all agree. “yeah, it’s pretty bad”

This past week has been an exciting week in terms of meteorology We’ve had floods, the anticipation of snow, endless rain, and of course the earthquakes all gave us something more to talk about. (as if in Israel we lack things to talk about…) As Israel and Israelis stand united in bad weather my husband and I tend to argue, disagree and not understand the other. On one of these fine evenings, I being the responsible mother that I claim to be, started giving orders. “Get more blankets. Get more blankets!! GET MORE BLANKETS!!!!”

To which My loving husband said the three magic words that always have a calm soothing effect on me.

“Tova Just Relax!” I don’t know if these words affect everyone the same way, or every female the same way, Maybe it’s just me and just my husband, but any time my husband has ever said those words to me, I am not going to be in a relaxed meditative zen state.

The minute I hear  The words “Just Relax” in my book is comparable to “What’s for dinner?”  “Can I have something to eat?” “She took my…….”  “He hit me” or the never-ending cry of “Eimmmmmaa”

In other words, it is an automatic command to be on the offensive. “what are you talking about I am relaxed!!  AND WE NEED MORE BLANKETS!”

And so in a comedy of sarcasm and misunderstandings, we continued our exchange of miscommunications. Thankfully the next day, the sun peaked its head out of the stormy clouds and we could put aside our disagreement.  Israelis could go back to arguing and my husband and I could continue bouncing around on this journey called life.

Our disagreement did prompt the following Qwerki Quote and Inspirational Thoughts:

Photo credit: Tova Goldman It never ends well
Photo Credit: Tova Goldman Learning from my mistakes





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