Kanyi Ndewa

The Middle East Trojan Horse

“Humanitarian situation in Gaza” is the new Middle East Trojan horse for ensuring enough supplies to Hamas. It also provides platform atop which hypocrites stand and mouth sanctimonious calls for ceasefire at the UN as they feign support for Palestinian Arabs.

To accept a ceasefire in the circumstances is to play by the rules of Hamas terrorists. Sadly majority of those demanding a ceasefire at the UN General Council and General Assembly have no breath to call for the release of hostages held in the tunnels of underground Gaza. They have no moral courage to rightly refer to Hamas as terrorists neither do they condemn the October 7th massacre of innocent Israelis in their homes.

There’s not even a footnote reference to the humanitarian situ in Israel where there are more than quarter million internally displaced people.

The Middle East Trojan horse must be rejected for what it is. An underhand attempt to tie Israel’s hand at the back while Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthis upgrade their campaign of terror against Israel. There’s no government which can accept the position of a bystander, indecisively awaiting validation of other countries in order to defend itself against an existential threat of annihilation.

The UN should be gathering forces to deal decisively with Iran, the head of the snake of terrorism in the region. Qatar and Turkey must also be made to account for their role in providing safe haven to the Hamas merchants of death who live in high luxury while calling for genocide against Jews. Sadly, the UN is a blind mice, deaf and mute to the cries of innocent souls crying out for rescue from the Hamas dungeons of terror. According to the UN secretary general, the devastating horror of October 7th, taking of hostages and the continued attacks on Israel are not happening in a vacuum!!

Any ceasefire that is not predicated upon unconditional release of all hostages, surrender of Hamas criminals and unequivocal denunciation of terror by Iran and Palestinians leadership is tantamount to capitulation of Jerusalem. That’s is absolutely unacceptable.

America must too stop hectoring on the ears of Israeli leadership. Commanding a time frame to one side during war is not what allies do. The Joe Biden administration knows very well that war is not an academic program or a construction project whose time can be determined to accurate details. Therefore forcing Israel within some time line is, to me, exertion of undue pressure.

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Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.
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