Ceyhun Cicekci
Ceyhun Cicekci

The Middle Easternization of Greece is Potential Threat to European Values

In the previous decade, we have witnessed the engagement attempts of Greece to the Middle East. In numerous topics, mostly the political, military and energy sectors, Greece has emerged as a new player in the region. Up to these days, there were so many obstacles in improving the relations of EU-Middle East. The state of democracy, human rights, liberties etc. are the main concerns claimed by EU. However, by the integration of Greece as recently-appeared EU’s pivotal power to Middle East, lots of questions remain unanswered. Whereas, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are carrying the responsibility of huge crime files…

With the promotion of Saudi Crown Prince MbS as a new fashion leader in Western media productions, some expectations in favor of democracy were burgeoned in few circles. When the heinous murder of Jamal Khashoggi was heard, a famous US-based journalist, nearly everybody shocked. It was so clear that he was executed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, so Turkish state rapidly reacted to enlighten the case. Eventually, the clues are on the table and it is to be surely asserted that there was a murder team employed to kill Khashoggi upon the directives of Crown Prince MbS. Saudi state is still carrying the huge responsibility of such a murder. This is exactly an example of state terror.

By the way, in the ruins of Arab Spring, the real face of some “leaders” unearthed. There are only dictators and warlords on the stage, supported by Arab regimes, particularly Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Hundreds of thousands of democracy tended civilians were killed during the murderous acts of above-mentioned dictators and warlords, the puppets of Arabs. With claiming the leadership of Middle East, Saudi&Emirates caused a bloody geopolitical race. Today, nothing has changed. This is also a kind of state terror.

Keeping the antique Greek sites in mind, as the founder of European values, Greece needs to act more carefully outside the EU. Additionally, the EU should trace the Greek steps in the region with close attention. The unchecked Middle Easternization of Greece would result in a total bankruptcy of Greek democracy and the EU’s so-called normative leadership.

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Lecturer at Bandirma University / Turkiye. Studying International Relations Theory, Security Studies and Middle East & Israeli politics.
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