Ronen Menipaz

The Mobile Gaming Market Is as Relevant as Ever

Continuous industry growth doesn’t happen by accident

I find myself sitting here, looking at numbers that seem to be from a sci-fi movie. Mobile gaming, an industry I’ve been part of for years now, is projected to hit the 370 billion USD mark by 2027. That’s not a typo, folks. It’s billions with a ‘b’.

How did we get here?

Well, the answer isn’t rocket science. More people have smartphones than ever before and mobile e-sports are on the rise. Add to it the advancements in AR/VR/XR tech and it seems like a no-brainer.

Yes, this growth is almost surreal. And yet, I believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So why am I sharing all this with you? Because I’ve been in the trenches, seen the highs and lows, and I know the potential this industry holds. It’s a goldmine, waiting for those who dare to dig deep.

Continuous growth doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s a long, hard journey, one that’s focused on the user.

You see, we all love a good game. We’ve all been there – playing a quick round while waiting for our coffee, trying to beat our high score during a break. Casual games have become a part of our lives, accounting for over 30% of all app downloads. These aren’t just games, they’re a lifestyle.

And the best developers get that and deliver.

And guess what? People are willing to pay for a good experience. The average revenue per user (ARPU) for mobile games has soared from 91.5 USD in 2017 to an awe-inspiring 165 USD today.

Quality, my friends, is king.

This might seem surprising, considering the number of games is actually going down. But it’s a testament to the fact that when developers focus on creating meaningful experiences, players connect and invest in their games.

Here’s another fun fact – the average age of a mobile gamer today is 36 years old. We’ve come a long way from the days of 2D ping-pong. And we’re not stopping anytime soon.

As trends evolve and demographics shift, one thing’s clear – the allure of casual games is here to stay.

I think it’s worth keeping an eye on this space – because the future of mobile gaming is brighter than ever.

But hey, at the end of the day, it’s all just fun and games, right? Game on, folks!

About the Author
Ronen Menipaz is an Israeli investor, entrepreneur, tech advisor, and founder of numerous business ventures in the entertainment, adtech, and fintech space, as well as the co-host of the Real Life Superpowers podcast. During his 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Ronen has been involved with over 100 startups in Israel, 30 of which he founded or co-founded. Two of those startups went public, while five were sold and four more are currently privately profitable companies.
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