Joshua Jacob Shore

The Most Powerful Weapon We Have.

In the United States I have never been shot at, nobody has ever fired a missile at me, and nobody has ever tried to murder my friends, but in the states I have never felt at home. The people of Israel in the land of Israel are connected by more than the random circumstance that we happen to live in the same place. There is not a single Jew living in Israel by accident. Every Jew, every holy soul is here for no other reason than that their soul belongs to Am Yisroel. We are truly “one family with one heart.”

Only in Israel I have wept on a stranger’s shoulder for the loss of brothers neither of us have met, and never have I experienced such immense joy and comradeship then suddenly breaking out into song shouting Am Yisroel Chai dancing with strangers on the streets of Jerusalem. Because in Israel there is really no such thing as a Jewish stranger. While Israelis may sometimes be abrasive we truly care for one another.

During the blackest of nights are the greatest lights kindled. It is only during times like these that have I ever experienced complete and utter unconditional love radiating off of a crowd thousands strong. Israel delights in boasting about our powerful weapon technology, but the most powerful weapon we have is love. Nothing can stand in our way if we can love our fellow Jews enough. Hold fast and be brave, better times are on the horizon and they will arrive only if we work together to bring them.

יהושע יעקב שור

About the Author
Yehoshua Shore studied environmental engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Yehoshua's two greatest passions are protecting the environment, and a love of Am Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael. As a recent oleh hadash (new immigrant) he lives and he breaths Israel.
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