The Mystical, Historical and Current Messiah(s)

This sets out the current situation in the history of humanity. At the bottom are the living dead. Above come the as yet unawakened masses ruled by animal level leaders. Over these are individuated souls and the ranks of spiritually developed people. The lower levels reincarnate while the more advanced can choose to be reborn on their Third Journey of Destiny. This vast process will go on until all of mankind has fulfilled its purpose. Above and below is I AM with all of Existence embodied in the word THAT in between.

In order to introduce the essence of the Mystical, Historical and the Current Messiah(s), I will refer to the monumental Scheme of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, Fig. 81 – EVOLUTION, from his book A Kabbalistic Universe, published by Kabbalah Society, 2007, Chapter 27, End of Days, p. 237-238. (Please, see below at the end of the Post, the full Fig.81)

This majestic Kabbalistic Scheme contains keys to the Mystical, Historical and the Current Messiah(s).

The Mystical Messiah – Adam Kadmon

The first of the four interwoven Worlds is AZILUT, the World of Emanation, marked by ADAM KADMON; the ten Sefiroth connected with the World of Azilut are from I AM to MESSIAH. 

Adam Kadmon is the prototype of the Mystical Messiah. He is the Universal Human Being in the image and likeness of God, in whom God recognizes Himself. Adam Kadmon knows and is known by God. He is the Mystical Messiah, who will manifest Himself at the end of a change of various cosmic cycles, at the great Jubilee of Jubilees, which could be compared with the Hindu change of Day and Night of Brahma.

The World of Emanation, Azilut, and Adam Kadmon as its transcendent image, is the essence of the Hebrew Monotheism and this is why the expectation of the Coming Messiah is the key to our glorious Tradition.

The Historical Messiah(s) – Metatron

 The Historical Messiah(s) is connected with the World of Creation, BERIAH, the second world of the vertical structure of the Universe. It is marked by the Greater Mysteries: Schools of the Spirit. On the quoted Scheme the ten Sefiroth marking the second World of Creation, BERIAH, are from Metatron to Self. Immanent man, metatron, is God’s whole spiritual manifestation (Leo Schaya, The Universal Meaning of Kabbalah, Mandala, Unwin, Hyman Ltd., 1989, p. 126).

The Historical Messiah is connected with the level of consciousness reaching Metatron: This is the name given to Enoch when he was transfigured, as the first fully self-realized person, with full creative power and authority. The name Enoch means ‘Initiate’ because he was, while still incarnate, taken up in a mystic state to the highest of Heaven and shown the meaning and plan of Existence. He founded the first school of the soul and did not taste death because he was taken directly up to the highest Heaven. Here he carries the Staff of Knowledge as the Teacher of teachers. (Z’ev ben Simon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, Kabbalah Society, 2007, p. 79).

In essence, every fully self-realized person, Founder of a Religion, reaches the highest level of consciousness, corresponding to Metatron. Initially, they reach Tiferet of the Beriatic world, where they become Current Messiahs, or the “Anointed”, and from there they reach the highest level of consciousness, corresponding to Metatron.

This is why, Z’ev ben Simon Halevi in his book A Kabbalistic Universe (Fig. 69 – MESSIAH, p. 208) states that the role of Messiah is part of a long line stretching back to Enoch and through Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster and many great teachers. Now, after the end of the Indo-European cycle, this whole Messianic Line has to be activated in order to facilitate the quantum leap of humankind to the new cosmic cycle of evolution.

The Current Messiah(s)

In the Kabbalistic Scheme above, the Current Messiah is marked at Tiferet in the Beriatic World. This is the place of the Fourth Heaven, the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem: As has been said, more than several men have, during the history of mankind, reached this point and they are known to the Kabbalistic tradition as ‘Messiahs’ or the ‘Anointed’. This title applies to anyone reaching the Tiferet of the Beriatic World and could be ascribed to Zoroaster, Hermes-Trismegistus, Enoch and many lesser known and unknown human beings who have returned to help save mankind from its ignorance at certain crucial periods of development. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree, Samuel Weiser, INC, 1974, p. 312)

In the previous Post, The Coming of the Messiah, please also see the big quotation from the web site Work of the Chariot, which sheds abundant light on the appearance of Current Messiahs in various world religions.

I could summarize that humankind has already completed its Indo-European cycle of evolution and is now beginning a new cosmic cycle in the reality with a New Heaven and a New Earth as a New Enlightened Humankind. This is the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem, described inspiringly in the Holy Scriptures of many world religions. The reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth is the level of consciousness of the new cosmic cycle of evolution! It is for the whole of humankind as one great spiritual family with the ultimate goal – returning to the Kingdom of God and merging with the Absolute Origin of Being, the CREATOR!

From the point of view of the three-fold structure of Creation, which includes the Earthly, Celestial, and Divine worlds, the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem is in the highest Divine world. This is the world from which all other worlds and Creation as a whole can be contemplated.

In the various world religions, this Divine World corresponds to the World of Creation, filled only with the immanent Divine Presence in the Kabbalah, to the Causal World in Hinduism, to the World without forms in Buddhism, to the Kingdom of God in Christianity, to the World of His Dominion, Jabarut, in Islam, etc. The equivalent of this Divine reality can be found in all existing spiritual traditions.

The Divine Action for establishing the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth and the entry into the new cosmic cycle of evolution is a majestic apocalyptic task led by the Great Holy Council of Humankind. This Council includes all Divine Masters, Founders of the world’s religions, their Feminine Counterparts and many great saints, adepts, and initiates who have attained full Self-realization. The Great Holy Council guides the evolution of humankind from the highest Divine world for millennia.

 In the various spiritual traditions this Holy Council of Humankind is named differently, but its essence is one and the same – it leads the destiny of humankind in accordance with the Messianic Plan and it is directly connected with the Living Lord, with the One Who sits on the Throne, the CREATOR.

In every historical epoch, the CREATOR sends to Earth God’s chosen people, Anointed Ones, in order to show the way of humanity back to the higher spiritual worlds. Just as the Buddha is not a concrete individual, but an enlightened consciousness, so the human being who is sent by the Living God is not an ordinary man, but a Divine Messenger, a Messiah, a great Divine Master, blessed with the presence of God. He/She is able to ascend and descend through the whole vertical structure of Creation, activating its World Axis. Thus, in the respective historical epoch, they connect all worlds into one whole and guide the evolution of humankind.

When the Divine Masters merge with the Absolute Origin of Being to receive a new evolutionary impulse from the CREATOR and to transmit it to humankind and to all created worlds, then they come with a New Initiation, i.e., with a new fruit from the Tree of Life. This is how the Messianic Plan for the salvation of humankind and for raising of all Kingdoms of life on Earth has unfolded over the millennia.

The Divine Masters, who have brought New Initiations to the history of mankind, have formed the majestic Messianic Line of the Indo-European cycle. It begins with Enoch and goes through Hermes, Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Orpheus, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, Muhammad and many others up to our days. The representatives in the Messianic Line form the core of the Great Holy Council of Humankind in the highest Divine world.

Many of the Divine Masters who appeared in the Indo-European cycle of evolution have promised that they will come again, or send their Initiates, to help humanity in the critical transition from the old to the new cosmic cycles. This will be the New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Manifestations of Divine Femininity associated with them. Thus, the Messianic Line of the outgoing Indo-European cycle will be reactivated and the Masters, co-creating with God, will bring New Initiations in the coming new cosmic cycle for the evolution of humankind!


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