Justin Amler

The “Nakba” Disaster That Wasn’t

Today the so-called ‘palestinians’, along with millions of their supporters worldwide, are commemorating Nakba day – what they call their disaster.

And let’s be clear about what exactly the Nakba is and what it isn’t.

It’s not about the loss of Arab land, because how can it be, when Israel makes up just 0.6% of the entire Arab world?

It’s not about the loss of Arab lives, because how can it be when more Arabs have died in one year of the Syrian civil war than almost a hundred years of the entire Israeli-Arab conflict.

It’s not about the loss of Arab self-determination, because how can it be when 22 Arab states exist right now – each with the right to determine their own future?

It’s about one thing only – their failure to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

There are those who say that we should recognise their pain in an effort to better understand them and show empathy to their side of the story.

Wait!? What!!?

Why should I, for even one second, recognise their ‘disaster’ – a time when they get together, shout and scream and lament the fact that they couldn’t commit genocide against the Jewish state to add to another ‘glorious’ chapter of Arab history.

I will not for one second recognise their ‘pain’ for the loss of a country they never had. I will not show empathy to a people whose leaders instruct their citizens to stab you and rip your heart out. I will not show sympathy to a system that indoctrinates children to hate from the very moment they can even open their eyes. I will not show any understanding to a society that honours those who commit mass murder by rewarding them with money and murals.

Even as I write this, their corrupt leaders blame Israel for the death of the Al-Jazeera journalist even though they refuse to cooperate with Israel in the investigation, knowing full well that the world will blame Israel for the death despite a complete lack of evidence. They also blame Israel for attacking the funeral procession, even though it was a bunch of their Arab thugs who hijacked the coffin, which Israel was trying to retrieve. These accusations against Israel are lies, but since blood libels have worked so well against the Jewish people in the past, why stop now?

And yet still, even though Israel supplies them with power and water and aid, they continue to dedicate every waking moment of every waking day in their war of annihilation against the Jews, plotting and scheming on new ways and methods to continue their terror. Perhaps if they showed the same amount of enthusiasm to build places of education and hope, rather than tunnels of hatred and despair – they might be in a better place.

So to me, it doesn’t matter how ‘upset’ the world is. It doesn’t matter how many ‘sad’ stories from dishonest media like the BBC show. It doesn’t matter how many fantasy headlines the New York Times invents. And it certainly doesn’t matter how many groups jump up and down and criticise and threaten Israel – groups like some church bodies who support BDS, or university terror supporters masquerading as student bodies, or hateful so-called Jewish groups like J-Street and others (who haven’t got a clue about being Jewish).

None of those things matter at all. All their shouts and threats and protests do nothing to change my mind, just as our shouts and pleads and protests did nothing to change theirs throughout history.

So no, on this day, I will not recognise their ‘disaster’ at all, because their ‘disaster’ meant they were prevented from committing genocide, and that meant that my Jewish homeland lived and that meant that the Jewish future is brighter than it’s ever been before.

Jews should be proud of Israel and while we should never celebrate the pain of others, we should also in no way feel guilty for surviving, because if the Arabs didn’t have their ‘Nakba’, it would have meant the end of Jewish life in the Land of Israel.

That is something we should never apologize for.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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