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The New Exodus: Stages on the Path

Fig. 1 – EZEKIEL’S VISION. The prophet saw in a mystical state this image of the four worlds of Kabbalah. Below is the natural world, the Chariot representing, with its wheels, the cycles of what some call the astral world. Above is the Throne of Heaven, symbol of the realm of Spirit, upon which is seated the Fiery man, Adam Kadmon, the Divine image of God. This figure is where the humanity originally came from. It precedes the spiritual Adam of Genesis, according to the Jewish oral tradition. (Bears Bible, 16th century) Source: Z’ev ben Simon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, Kabbalah Society, 2007, p. 18.

The spiritual essence of our epoch is the objective impulse to return back to the Origin of Being. For this purpose, humankind as a whole, has to start its Exodus from the present Babylonian-type civilization and ascend to the New Jerusalem civilization described so inspiringly by the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, in the last two chapters of the Book of Revelation by St. John and other Holy Scriptures.

Because the raising of vibrations is an objective cosmic situation, everybody on Earth, in one way or another, has to be aware of this critical moment. I strongly believe that there are thousands and millions of people aware of the present critical stage in humankind’s life on Earth. At the same time even more people are willing to facilitate the solution to the existing problems – i.e., they will be willing to embark on the journey back to the Origin of Life.

Our Exodus from the material world requires an appropriate style of life. The Path stretches through the whole vertical structure of the Universe helping us to achieve the states of cosmic consciousness Neshamah and Chaya,  bringing us to the Holy City and helping us to merge with the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother. Obviously on each Step of the Path we have to have a suitable style of life in order to achieve its goals. In general, we could distinguish three types of style of life – the followers, the spiritual disciples and the initiates.

From the perspective of the three-fold structure of the created Universe (i.e., the Worlds of Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyyah), the first level corresponds to the people living righteously in the earthly, material world and preparing themselves for the spiritual ascent. The second level corresponds to the people in the Spiritual Schools of the Soul, reaching the level of consciousness called Neshamah. The third level corresponds to people who enter into the Mystery Schools of the Spirit reaching the level of consciousness called Chaya.

Style of Life of the Followers

The Exodus begins with the strong desire to return to the Kingdom of God and with the firm decision to follow the Rainbow Path (please, see the Post Exodus and the Rainbow of the New Covenant from 10/11/2022). By doing so, the followers start their spiritual journey and find the meaning and purpose of their lives.

To embark on the Path, we must adopt some important spiritual values, principles, rules, regulations and commandments which will form the appropriate style of life for the Exodus. At the foundation of every spiritual tradition there are commandments, rules and regulations which reflect the Divine order in Creation and preserve human beings from violations of the laws of life, harmony and goodwill. For instance, the Hebrew tradition is based on the Ten Commandments received by Moses while in direct communion with God. In Christianity the Two main Commandments are Love for God and for your neighbour as you love yourself. In the Eight-fold Path of Yoga, formulated by Patanjali, the first two steps are the Rules of Yama (refusal of violence, stealing, covetousness, with telling truth and continence) and the Regulations of Niyama (purity, austerity, contentment, repetition of sacred words, devotion to God). The five pillars of the Islamic tradition which constitute and organise the whole style of life of the Muslim followers are: Prayer, Fasting, Zakat (purifying tax), Haji (the pilgrimage to Mecca) and Jihad (holy war, of which the ‘lesser’ is against external obstacles to the establishment and functioning of the Divine order and the ‘greater’ is against the inward forces which prevent man from realising God within the centre of his being).

The principles, rules, regulations and commandments mentioned above were given within different traditions and have different metaphysical backgrounds. They are not contradictory but complement each other. They reflect the eternal Divine laws in Creation and the main principles of love, harmony and goodwill which govern the higher worlds. We can start our Exodus by implementing just some of them but very soon, at least by the second Step, we will have to incorporate in some way all principles, commandments and regulations. The objective of our First Step is to find the most appropriate set of principles and regulations, and to form the style of life, which allows us, in accordance with the cosmic-spiritual laws, to start our ascent.

An important part of the style of life on this level is developing the right understanding of the essence of our epoch and learning about the Divine Rainbow Path. Through this spiritual study we prepare ourselves for the great journey on the Path, as mountain climbers study the maps to prepare themselves for an expedition. This involves neutralising the negative influences of the Ahriman, Lucifer and Antichrist energies, practicing unconditional Love, thus replacing the egocentric orientation with the orientation of Life for the Whole. Embarking on the Path also includes openness to all spiritual traditions originating from the Divine Light and appreciating them as various mansions in the Father’s House (the Kingdom of God).

Style of Life of the Spiritual Disciples

In order to ascend to higher states of consciousness we have to harmonise and balance all polarities in our life. In other words, we have to find the middle way and neutralise the “law of the pendulum” which keeps us swinging from one extreme to the other. Here we can recall the wisdom of the middle way proclaimed by Buddha. Accordingly, now we have to find a perfect ideal balance and harmony between spiritual and material values, masculine and feminine energies, individual and collective work, inward and outward orientation, exoteric and esoteric activities, East and West, North and South in human civilisation, etc. One can imagine how subtle and delicate is the middle way in our journey on the Path of the Divine Rainbow and how all forms of fundamentalism, fanaticism and dogmatism on the one hand, and artificial delirium, drug abuses, and unhealthy artificial euphoria on the other, need to be avoided.

Our exodus from the earthly consciousness (caught between struggling polarities) and ascent to the celestial world is a process similar to the sprouting of a grain of wheat from within the earthly soil into the world above. Thus, we transform our spiritual journey into the spiritual path of the soul. This is the purpose of undergoing the Spiritual Schools of the Soul in the World of Formation.

The great Bulgarian Spiritual Master Beinsa Douno, who traced the Path of the Disciple in our century, suggested several golden rules. By following these golden rules, we will write our names in the Book of the Living. Some of them are:

  • Observe a vegetarian diet; abstain from alcohol, drugs and smoking, all of which abuse the body; Develop the highest human virtues such as peace, love, joy, harmony friendship, and many others; Make daily life a spiritual school. This rule necessitates attention to the smallest details in life; Live a healthy, wholesome life in harmony with Nature, with frequent excursions to natural settings with outdoor spiritual activities; Meet the Sunrise whenever possible, with appropriate prayers, songs, meditations and spiritual ceremonies.

In our Exodus we must also include inspired study and experience of the celestial worlds as described by the world religions, appreciation of the diversity in unity and the unity in diversity of all spiritual traditions.

 Style of Life of the Initiates

 There is an enormous amount of knowledge in Kabbalah and in all world religions for the followers and the spiritual disciples. Of course, there is less, but significant, knowledge in them for the third level – the Initiates. The Initiates are those who have achieved the state of cosmic consciousness Chaya, even Yechidah, and are ascending to the highest Divine world to merge ultimately with the Divine Father-Mother of Creation, with G-d. Thus, they transform the Path of the Disciple into a devoted “celestial pilgrimage” – the Path of the Initiate. One of the brightest examples of this type of Initiation is the vision of Ezekiel (please, see below Fig. 1 – EZEKIEL’S VISION).

The Path of the Initiate requires physical and moral purity, non-egocentrism, self-denial, unconditional love, absolute truthfulness, life for the whole, vows and commitment to fulfil the Will of God, joining the Light forces and neutralizing the dark forces. It is based on such principles as wholeness, holiness, balance between all polarities, spiritual creativity in contact with the Living God, integrity, planetary consciousness (i.e., thinking from the perspective of all humankind) and so on. Some of the main tasks which determine the style of life of the Initiates are:

¬ Developing the higher spiritual bodies (i.e., Neshamah, Chaya, Yechidah) with which we could live in all three levels of Creation, i.e., in the physical world with an illuminated physical body and personality, in the world of angels with a Soul in full bloom, and in the highest Divine world with an awakened Divine Self. Thus, we achieve the richness and fullness of our cosmic-spiritual wholeness and become micro-models of the Universe. This is to build ourselves as Divine Temples where the Spirit of God lives forever;

¬ Developing a whole new spiritual level in their lives on Earth; now for most people on Earth the main goals of life are to have family, children, home, food, work, friends and so on. The main goals of the spiritual life are to realise the Divine Wedding between the Soul and the Spirit within, to have spiritual children, to build life as a Divine Temple which will become our spiritual home; to receive the living bread for eternal life; to establish close spiritual friendships with others (let us remember that ‘there is a friend closer than a brother’); to receive a spiritual mission;

¬ Respect, love, care and deep appreciation for Nature, the environment and our planet Earth; Transforming daily life into a cosmic-spiritual existence where all levels of Creation become transparent and interconnected; then they will form an integrated, dynamic system where the processes on one level affect the others; Climbing to the top of the Sacred Mountain through different routes established by different world religions, thus receiving their initiations.

The divinely inspired style of life of the Initiate will result in Co-creation with G-d. It is only through the miracle of Co-creation with G-d that we can completely unfold the Divine potential of our Higher Selves. Moreover, co-creation is the way in which we can express the uniqueness of our spirits ‘printed’ in us from the beginning of our evolution. By becoming co-creators with G-d, each Initiate will receive a unique mission in the great apocalyptic process of recreation of the world. They are mediators between Heaven and Earth, Divine workers for a new solar civilization, helpers in the spiritual rebirth of humankind. Thus, by merging and co-creating with G-d the Initiates not only write their names in the Book of the Living but also are “reborn from the Living God“.

The styles of life of the Followers, the spiritual Disciples and the Initiates are different but all of them form one great spiritual community. In this respect, the journey will take appropriate forms of spiritual activity substantiating the style of life of the different groups and at the same time integrating all of them in the Divine Plan for the Spiritual Return.


The prophet saw in a mystical state this image of the four worlds
of Kabbalah. Below is the natural world, the Chariot representing,
with its wheels, the cycles of what some call the astral world.
Above is the Throne of Heaven, symbol of the realm of Spirit, upon
which is seated the Fiery man, Adam Kadmon, the Divine image of
God. This figure is where the humanity originally came from. It
precedes the spiritual Adam of Genesis, according to the Jewish
oral tradition. (Bears Bible, 16th century)
Source: Z’ev ben Simon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe,
Kabbalah Society, 2007, p. 18.

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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