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International Public Relations Consultant

The number one investment startups need for continual media coverage

When startups in Israel first start to invest in international public relations for their company – they tend to think logistically.

Many businesses think securing media coverage, and building the momentum to continued, lasting, consistent international news stories is all about the ability to communicate, to write great content, craft strong media pitches and ensure their spokespeople are well-trained.

Sure, I’ll admit the logistics are important. Crucial. These elements are all worthy of a startup’s attention and focus. But many small businesses in Israel can become so focused on their logistical output, that they forget the number one investment that can secure international coverage time and time again.

That investment? Relationships.

Working with the media is not about one-way information dissemination. Journalists, especially in our current era of globalisation, are time and resource-poor. They want content, fresh angles and innovative ideas for their stories – but they also don’t want to simply be fed information from your company over and over and over. They want to get to know you.

Investing the time and effort to create great relationships with key journalists and media in your sector is priceless. Some of the greatest media wins I have helped land for clients – still today – stem from long-term relationships across radio, TV, online and print – everywhere in the world.

So what can you do to cultivate great media relationships, that will lead to ongoing international media coverage for your startup? Here’s three top tips:

  1. Do your research.

Research key journalists in top-tier media outlets relevant to your company, industry and sector. Take the time to identify writers or broadcast journalists that publish stories similar to the content you can provide. Research takes time, but it’s a vital first step to make sure you’re investing in the right relationships.

  1. Make genuine contact.

Making contact with the media has to be done in a genuine way to build relationships. Many people don’t mind being contacted on social media – but picking up the phone or organising a face-to-face introduction can be the best way to get noticed, and for a journalist to get to know you. Companies can take advantage of this on international trips, to start building more global relationships.

  1. Remember it’s a two-way street.

The best relationships are built over time, with both companies and journalists understanding that working together is a two-way street. Startups can’t expect the media to receive and run every media pitch. It’s about creating content that is mutually beneficial, helping the journalist and community, and providing a long-term working environment that media and businesses enjoy and thrive in.

So, if you’re a startup in Israel, who can you build better media relationships with this week?

About the Author
Katie Clift is Director of Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd - an International PR Expert specialising in local & global campaigns across all industries. With more than a decade of experience in local and international PR, Katie moved from Australia to Athens in 2017. Her company engages clients around the world, across all industries (from start-ups and entrepreneurs to global construction and manufacturing, health, lifestyle, medical, travel, tech and NGO's). She is also proudly an International PR Specialist with Asset Ogilvy Public Relations. For just one organisation alone, Katie led a media and public relations team to achieve more than 8000 feature stories a year in print, broadcast, and online media, including 120 front page newspaper stories - worth millions of dollars annually. Katie is a leading media and public relations commentator throughout Europe and Australia - her editorials are regularly featured in Mumbrella (Australia), PR Week (UK) and Times Of Israel (Global). She is also an in-demand podcast guest and conference speaker, presenting most recently at Engage Prague 2018 and the Union for International Cancer Control’s World Cancer Congress (Paris).
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