The Once in a Lifetime cat

The, “once in a lifetime cat” isn’t that unusual to some knowledgeable cat owners, but these cats are once in a lifetime for the owner. You will never have or need another cat after this one I can tell you. You will suffer after his or her loss no matter how old your cat is after spending many years with you.

I had my one cat that can’t be replaced by any other. In fact, since Lucky left me more than one year ago I put up a mental block to him because it was so traumatic losing him.

I have a friend who felt the same way about her cat that just passed a few days ago under similar circumstances. Her cat came to her in very mysterious ways after leaving her close to neighbor’s life for lack of interest in owner Lol. He came with cat food dish and extras such as food and some wonder.

Lucky came to me after meeting him at a British Columbia mall introduced to me by a very close friend who mentioned a greatly loved kitten that’s owner was moving very far away. I had to see Lucky who was named that for a good reason.

At one time I enjoyed reading about gangs and gangsters etc. but over the years found it upsetting to watch that stuff. Lucky could get in trouble so his name stuck like Luciano did who didn’t seem to face harm or the law.

I’m a blogger so mentioning Lucky is essential to my identity on the web as a former cat lover. I still have a great respect for animals with the idea that my daughter will possibly be allowed to have a cat, most likely not a dog.

She is a toddler that seems to have an interest in dogs despite them being too large compared to her size. Older dogs are ok except I worry a lot about my child and her fast-moving ways with unknown animals. I would like to deserve being called the father on this father’s day, but if I let her too close to animals at her age, then I guess I’m not.

Cats can attach to you often snuggling up to your leg when you are busy in the kitchen cooking. Kids can do the same, but your concerns are more with children. I guess I’ve learned to love and care for my daughter in some ways through Lucky before she was born. I didn’t even know I would have a girl this late in life, but Lucky prepared me for her in some ways.

You can’t replace your one cat with a dog reptile-bird or any other animal if it is truly your one cat. I have a daughter who most likely does cause me similar feelings with having more responsibility towards her.

I love feeling responsible for my child who will live beyond my years, unlike Lucky who I watched grow old. I will only see my daughter grow to learn live share and possibly love someone as much as the one cat loves.

My friend is in need of comfort like I was when Lucky caused me the deepest loss of my life without fault. I can’t blame Lucky for being my greatest loss because until my daughter was born, I never cared about something that small as him or her. I loved many people of all ages in general ways but never connected to others that deeply.

I have a big heart for children responsible adults’ community and culture without me mentioning politics one of my interests. I love to write but never considered myself an author until 2017. You must know during your lifetime that it is never too late for whatever you will give that meaning.

My friend is also interested in politics but of a different sort than mine especially a different country that I usually write posts regarding. She has caused me to understand different viewpoints on many topics, but we have some similar interests. We both had our special one cats, and we both love many adults’ community and culture, but I seem to bring up politics anyways because she knows so much.

Her cat felt she knew everything as I am inclined to believe, but she didn’t know it was her one cat’s time to go. I had no idea either because all I could do was cry and try to move on forget my loss grief etc. being a man with responsibilities. I couldn’t remember until later when life overcame me one more time with the stresses of life which Lucky trained me to feel. I miss him dearly.

Usually, at the end of the articles I write summing up the whole topic, which is good to do. There is no way of summing up Lucky’s life in a word sentence or even a series of paragraphs. My friend would understand this because she works at blogging as well sometimes hopefully she can put her cat’s life on paper and put it in place to share her love for him with others.

Caring about topics in different ways is good to learn viewpoints especially for a writer. Experience is necessary as well like the one’s your beloved pet can bring you even when he crawls walks or jumps on you, or swims in front of you. Whatever gift a one cat brings to you such as a bird mouse or loves it’s for you and you only.

Today and the last few days I have missed Lucky who despite being a cat I believe could be at a better place than the last few years of his life. Suffering is not the way we think of our cat’s struggles we think of ourselves and our grieving loss.

We are all humans, but our pets feel they are too all the years they are there for you. After the loss of your one cat, the way to get over the loss and grief is giving the same amount of love to others at least one hundredth of what your cat gave to you.

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