The Palestinian Conflict

The Palestinian conflict has been in conversation ever since the Jews “officially” received the land of Israel, that is approximately 70 years. The first side of this conflict is the Israelis/Jewish sides, which primarily derives from winning the war against the Palestinians. The opposing Palestinian side argues that they were in Palestine first, and thus have the right to the land. Despite the continuous fight over the land, the conflict is still an ongoing situation. Though apart from all the discussion, the Jewish people have had the right to the land of Israel not only by G-D, but also by fair war and bloodshed, and that is why this “conflict” should no longer be brought up in current times.

Ever since the times of the Bible, the Jews have been in and out of Israel, when in reality, they should have been there ever since. They were first promised the land by G-D as they were exiting Egypt and entering the desert. As promised, the land was given to the Jews, but a couple hundred years later the Jews were excluded by larger and more powerful forces. Though around the mid-1900’s, the Jews realized they needed their land back, and without further hesitation, they got their land after years of battle, bloodshed, and violence against the Palestinians.

Despite every reason the Jews had to return to their land, the Palestinians that were there also had a simple yet valid point: they were occupying the land when the Jews were not even there! The Palestinians have always argued with this point, yet there’s still a big gap: the only reason the Jewish people were not there before was that they were expelled from the land at one point. Therefore, it may have seemed like the Jews “stole” the land from the Palestinians, but they were just claiming what was theirs first.

As of now, the situation has not really changed much. The Palestinians are still fighting for “their land”, and they are even using harmful means to do so. For instance, terrorism is occurring a lot throughout the world, especially in Israel, and these acts are brought by primarily the Arabs themselves. These violent acts go from suicide bombers to the lunatic gunman shooting people down on the streets of Jerusalem. Yes, they might be “revolting” for various reasons, but a major purpose is that of fighting for their land that is supposedly theirs. Moreover, various non-Muslim countries even recognize Israel’s legitimacy towards the land in addition to almost the rest of the world!

Even though the Palestinian conflict is still going on today, it is quite clear on where the situation lies: the land of Israel IS the home of the Jewish people as it always has been. Ever since the time of Moses and Aaron, the Jews were promised this land that “flows with milk and honey”, and the Jews even fought for the land in 1948 and won. Though, the only thing from preventing this conflict from disappearing is the idea that the Palestinians deserve that land because they were there first, thus they have the right to be in control. In addition, the other thing keeping this conflict in conversation nowadays is terrorism by violent groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Despite all of the issues, the Palestinian conflict will soon be over because not only has Israel “earned” this land, but also the majority of the other countries around the world see Israel as the home for the Jewish nation.

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Ilan Lapco is from Miami, Florida, and attends a Jewish private school. In school, he learns many things, but what interests him is what he learns about Israel.
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