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Much like Theodor Herzl’s saying: “If you will it, it is no dream”, Evey says: “If you can dream it, I can create it. Every woman has her own fairytale vision of the perfect dress. My job is to make it real.”

Evey Rothstein

Evey Rothstein is LA’s younger, and Jewish, Vera Wang. Her wedding dresses are the most interesting and creative I’ve ever seen, including gowns made from recycled materials and dresses made from knick knacks found in her sewing room. She even made a dress out of pages from romance novels and another out of toys. While all of these may sound untraditional, they are put together in such an incredible way, to make her brides really shine.

Dress made out of Romance novels, by Evey.

She describes her process of creation as having a lot of meaning and intention; every gem and crystal is placed with kavana, direction of the heart. This summer Evey is making the gown she will wear at her own wedding.

Custom wedding dress by Evey.

Evey is a grandchild of Holocaust survivors and her grandfather fought in the Hagana for the establishment of the state of Israel. From a young age, she would sit with her Bubbie by the sewing machine, patching, mending, and embellishing her old clothes. Being raised with the mentality passed down by survivors, to save, fix, and be resourceful, Evey is able to take old shmatas (rags) and turn them into stunning couture wedding dresses.

Wedding dress made out of recycled men's suits.
Wedding dress made out of recycled mens suits.

Evey developed a very unique style that never harms animals or wastes the earth’s resources. She was taught that all living things, from mammals to moths are precious, along with Jewish values that she learned in religious day schools and camps she attended. Tzar Ba’alei Chaim (advocates sensitivity to all living things) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) are the most important principles that she lives by and reflects in all of her work. Evey’s designs are completely ethical and sustainable and she doesn’t use any materials that would cause harm to living creatures, meaning no silk or leather. Evey has been approved by PETA and The Humane Society, as a vegan designer. She wishes that the world would go back to respecting all living creatures and not using them for luxury. Such as in the times before Noah’s Ark and the flood, when animals were not eaten or used for frivolous means.

Evey created this functional crystal covered mermaid tail for an underwater performance artist who swims under the sea with sharks.
Evey created this functional crystal covered mermaid tail for an underwater performance artist who swims under the sea with sharks.

Evey designs for women all around the world who want to stand out and express themselves with what they wear. Being a bride herself, she knows how hard it is to find the perfect wedding dress- sometimes you like the top of the dress and not the bottom, or the bottom but not the top. Evey will design something that is exactly what a girl wants, from head to toe. She can create something classic and traditional, tznious (modest), or something completely unique with colors and textures, or based off a particular theme.

Wizard of Oz themed (modest) wedding dress.

There is definitely something exciting about having not just another piece of clothing, but wearable art!

Evey made this dress all out of vintage toys, (including lots of dreidels, and grogger from Purim)!!!
Evey made this light up wedding dress using fiber optics.

Evey has been to Israel twice – once on a summer long trip with camp Ramah, and another time to visit her family in Jerusalem and Netanya – she can’t wait to go back! Follow her story as she becomes a bride herself and continues creating gowns for lucky ladies around the world.

Meet Evey.

For more information, go to! Support an awesome, Jewish, ethical young lady, and the coolest designer I’ve ever heard of 😉

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