The Philanthropic Contribution to the Israel Community

Robbie Rothenberg is a philanthropist and businessman renowned especially for his various humanity activities. He co-founded the RedRock Real Estate Group, LLC, and is currently serving on its management panel. Specifically, he has enabled and ensured its enormous success over the years.  Robbie has proven to be a charismatic leader, as he has participated in numerous philanthropic activities. Unlike other leaders who are too focused on their companies or rather, their images, Mr. Rothenberg takes a different initiative in his business to benevolently promote the welfare of others via philanthropy efforts.

Robbie Rothenberg is less interested in business profitability; rather, he is primarily focused on educational issues and the provision of basic needs to the specific communities. As an Israelite, he has been of much help to Jerusalem in particular, where he has conducted various charitable activities. At some point, he was involved in countless philanthropy works with the army.  These activities and volunteer efforts enabled him to express connectivity and care to the Israel community. In addition, Mr. Rothenberg has been a blessing to many, as he has always spent time instilling hope to the hopeless, so to speak.  To carry out his charity works, Robbie has been working in association with numerous non-profit organizations, enabling him to achieve his philanthropic dreams. These companies include; the America-Israeli Friendship League, Isralight & Carmeiha’ir, David Lesch Foundation and Ohr Torah Stone, among others.  Besides his excellence in the real estate business, Robbie Rothenberg has also managed to change the life of many through his charitable activities.

Israel remains the only nation in the universe that maintains its religious beliefs today just as it has in the past.  These traits include: occupation of the same land, speaking the same language, and maintaining the same original religious beliefs.  Despite numerous offensive efforts from its enemies, the nation has managed to fight for its position in the current world. It is in Israel where Jewish history lives and is being created on a daily basis.  The country is home to the Jews the world over – Judaism entails the way of life for the Jews with its fundamental laws derived from the Torah.

About the Author
Robbie Rothenberg is a dedicated community activist and philanthropist. His strong connection to Israel is exemplified by his having volunteered under the Sar-El program, with the Israeli army on a base near Be'er Sheva. Robbie is one of the founders of Yeshivat Orayta, a Jerusalem based Yeshiva for high school graduates; and serves on the advisory committee of the Eagles Wings Israel Experience Program, which sends Christian college students to Israel to empower them to become advocates for Israel on their respective campuses and beyond.
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